Pros & Cons: How To Eat Bananas On An Empty Stomach

Should we eat banana on an empty stomach? Find out the answer here along with some side-effects of bananas.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Oct 10, 2022 20:42 IST
Pros & Cons: How To Eat Bananas On An Empty Stomach

Bananas are sometimes the go-to food when we feel hungry and don’t have any solid meals at hand. Bananas are extremely healthy, fulfilling, and tasty. Most people love to eat them, especially before workouts as a quick energy-boosting snack. Similarly, a lot of people have bananas in the morning as breakfast. But should we eat bananas in the morning on an empty stomach? Find out in this article.

When we sleep the body stays in fasting mode. You don’t eat anything for several hours, which drains your energy and in order to replenish that you should have something energetic in the morning. While bananas are definitely healthy and satisfying, these aren’t the ideal breakfast food. Despite being loaded with essential nutrients, it is not good when consumed on an empty stomach. Here are some reasons why everyone should not eat bananas on an empty stomach:

Bananas have natural sugar content, which might increase blood sugar levels. Thus, diabetes patients must avoid eating bananas in the morning. Others should avoid overconsumption of bananas on an empty stomach as it might abruptly spike blood sugar levels.

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Bananas have high magnesium content, which can disrupt metabolism and hamper the digestive system. Besides, high magnesium also affects heart health and so, it is better to avoid. Patients of hypertension and other cardiovascular issues must not consume bananas in the morning. If consumed, have them with cereals, berries and dry fruits to neutralise harmful components.

Possible side-effects of eating bananas on an empty stomach

Should we eat banana on empty stomach

Digestive issues

Bananas are rich in fibre and so, they are extremely fulfilling. While fibre is good for digestive health, its overconsumption can disrupt gut microbiota. Consumption of fibre in the morning on an empty stomach can trigger gas, flatulence, stomach cramps and constipation. Do not eat more than one banana in the morning.

Inhibition of mineral absorption

Consuming more than one banana on an empty stomach can hamper the body’s mineral absorption process. Your body might not be able to absorb minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium. This can lead to mineral deficiencies. Thus, avoid consuming bananas or eat them in limits.

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May cause irregular heartbeat

Since bananas contain a high amount of potassium, its excessive consumption can cause hyperkalemia, which can increase the risk of muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, and paralysis. This is why heart patients must consult their doctors before consuming bananas.

How to Eat Bananas On An Empty Stomach

How to eat banana on empty stomach

Sometimes, we don’t have any option but to have bananas in the morning. In such a case, consider these tips to negate the side effects of eating bananas on an empty stomach.

Have bananas with yoghurt, porridge, cereals, peanut butter, berries, and herbs. Eating bananas alone can cause issues. Incorporating these things would neutralise the acids released by the stomach. This would cause less damage.

  • Besides, doing so would also prevent a sudden spike of sugar.
  • You can have a banana shake or smoothie instead to enjoy the benefits with lesser risk.

Bananas are extremely beneficial but these can be bad in certain cases. It is best to avoid eating bananas on an empty stomach or have them with milk, nuts, yoghurt, etc. to optimise their benefits. 

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