Rose Fragrance Can Enhance Learning Ability In Students

Smelling a fresh rose or keeping a rose-scented stick in your surroundings can boost memory and learning power of children.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Feb 04, 2020 09:09 IST
Rose Fragrance Can Enhance Learning Ability In Students

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As soon as we see a rose, we smell it because the fragrance is irresistible. Anything that smells like rose has our heart. The scent of a rose flower is soothing and rejuvenating. Agree? These qualities of this flower bring peace of mind which is linked with learning and sleeping. You not only focus and concentrate better but also sleep better. 

Research featured in the journal 'Nature Group’s Open Access journal Scientific Reports' claims that smelling rose scent improved learning abilities and sleep patterns of children. The result was drawn on the basis of research conducted amongst two groups of school students who were made to learn English vocabulary. One group learned it with rose scent sticks while the second group learned without it. The researchers found that the first group has better vocabulary as compared to the second group!

Children in class

Franziska Neumann, a member of the research team conducted multiple experiments with 54 students of two sections of class 6. One section students were asked to keep rose incense sticks during the English vocabulary learning class while second section students without incense sticks.

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In another experiment, she asked one group of students to keep a rose-scented stick at the bedside while sleeping. Stunned by the results, Franziska Neumann said, "The students showed a significant increase in learning success by about 30 percent if the incense sticks were used during both the learning and sleeping phases."

One of the lead researchers Dr. Jurgen Kornmeier said, “We showed that the supportive effect of fragrances works very reliably in everyday life and can be used in a targeted way."

child smelling rose

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It was also derived that additional use of rose incense sticks and sharpen memory.

“One particular finding beyond the seminal initial study was, that the fragrance also works when it is present all night. This makes the findings suitable for everyday use,” says Kornmeier. "Our study shows that we can make learning during sleep easier. And who would have thought that our nose could help considerably in this,” he added.

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