Liver Diseases: 5 Risk Factors That Could Lead Towards Health Severities

Liver diseases or damage can be caused because of five major factors, know this risk factors to remain aware of it.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 25, 2022Updated at: Apr 25, 2022
Liver Diseases: 5 Risk Factors That Could Lead Towards Health Severities

We consume food each day, it's our daily requirement that we cannot neglect. Liver is an organ that can affect functions of kidney and stomach as well. If the nutrients are not absorbed properly, then you might have different sort of diseases or disorders related to liver problems. Liver makes bile juices every day and helps to break down nutrients, clean toxins and breaks down fats and controls blood sugar as well. Liver has ample of functions that are very important to maintain your health. Today we will discuss about some risk factors that could possibly lead you to liver diseases. 

Risk Factors that could lead to Liver Diseases 

Human liver is a multi-tasking organ that is responsible for providing nutrients to your body. We spoke to Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician, Sahara Hospital, Lucknow to know about factors that could influence liver health in the negative manner.  

1. Exposure to Toxins 

Your liver is responsible to clear toxins from your blood and provide good health. Even though it is responsible for cleaning toxins, overexposure of toxins can be harmful for your health. This is because the chemicals or red label warnings that are present in your House can impact your liver in such a way that it could damage your liver health. It is always better to wash fruits and vegetables with full consumption to ensure that you're not digesting pesticides or chemicals in the food.  


2. Harmful Supplement 

Another possible factor that could harm your health can be not so natural products. All these everything that is available in the market comes without tag of naturally made. This is however not true and most of the herbs and supplements that are associated with your health can have chemicals in it. Around 15 to 20% of labor injury that is caused currently in India is due to herb supplements that are available in the market. Taking more than one medicine or supplement can act on liver in a negative way. Even over the counter remedies or medications that are given by the doctor should not be taken without prescription.

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3. Too much Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic fatty liver is one of the leading liver diseases that occurs. It causes inflammation of the liver, also known as alcoholic hepatitis and eventual scarring. Too much alcohol consumption can even lead youth to liver cancer. If you have more than three to four drinks in a day, weather be a women or men, then it could be very harmful for your health. By the time the symptoms become evident the liver may have been damaged beyond repairable condition. Fortunately, the people who stopped drinking at an average stage can have reverse their fatty liver condition itself.  


4. Obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol

Health conditions that could become risk factors for liver diseases can be obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol levels in your body. The condition of non-alcoholic fatty liver is caused because of cirrhosis and liver cancer. Having a non-alcoholic fatty liver is one of the fastest growing reasons that could lead to liver transplant in patients. Condition of fatty liver can be reversed at the fatty stage by cutting simple carbohydrates like bread, sugar and eating more fruits in the diet. Also, you should include protein-based vegetables and can drink coffee.  

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5. Having history of Liver Diseases 

If you or any of your family member has experienced or has liver diseases before, then there is always a chance that you might also be vulnerable to certain types of liver conditions. This might especially be true in case of hepatitis B or C and hemochromatosis. This genetic liver disease might also cause liver cancer in the future. The fact remains that it is not compulsory that medical history in the family can lead you to liver disease too, and on the other side, you might still get it even if there are no symptoms of it in your family.  

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