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World Liver Day: 10 Expert Tips To Maintain A Healthy Liver

Liver diseases can especially happen if you do not take precautions, here are some tips given by expert you must follow to maintain a healthy liver.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Apr 19, 2022 12:17 IST
World Liver Day: 10 Expert Tips To Maintain A Healthy Liver

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Liver is the second most vital organ that comes after the brain. Liver has many functions to its name and it influences other organs to work appropriately as well. OnlyMyHealth celebrates “Healthy Living” campaign that bring you awareness about some common and important health topics that you must remain aware off. On the occasion of World Liver Day, we are here to share about some health tips that can help you maintain your liver health. A healthy liver can aid metabolism, improve immunity, excretion and storage of absorbed nutrients. Healthy liver can also improve kidney and liver functions of the person. 

Importance of Liver 

Liver health is very necessary to maintain your appetite and other body functions. We spoke to Senior Gastroenterologist, Dr. Hemant Gupta, Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida to know about tips to maintain a healthy liver function. He explains that if your liver gets infected or has any kind of disorder, then it can lead to different problems such as loss of appetite, abdominal pain, jaundice, sudden weight loss, etc. Diseases like hepatitis B, C and hepatocellular carcinoma also often occur because of consumption of alcohol and drugs.  


Tips to Maintain a Healthy Liver 

Liver disease do not happen all of a sudden and definitely does not end instantly. Therefore, the best way to prevent a liver disorder or condition is to take precautions against it. Today our expert will help you with some tips that could prevent liver problems from occurring.  

1. Have a Healthy Weight 

Most common liver issue that is faced by people are obesity. Having a fatty liver can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that can cause disruption in weight and lead to health problems. Non-alcoholic liver disease is actually one of the fasting growing liver diseases and thus it is high time we take precautions against it.  

2. Eat a Balanced Diet 

Do not intake high calorie foods or meals that could inflame your liver. Saturated fats, carbohydrates, and refined sugars can actually cause liver problems. Do not eat raw or uncooked fish, pasta, white bread or white rice. It is better if your intake whole grain bread, have fresh fruits and cereals in the diet. Hydration remains an essential element of diet.  

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3. Exercise Regularly 

Doing daily exercise can help you burn fats and keep your cholesterol levels in place. Consistent exercise can prevent you from getting fatty liver. It burns triglycerides in your body that aid in reducing liver fats. 

4. Avoid Toxic substances

There could be some toxins that can harm your liver functions. Toxins can go inside the body in form of cleaning and aerosol products can harm the body. Insecticides, chemicals and additives can be responsible for causing damage to liver health. Make sure that your room is ventilated and there is no accumulated smoke. 


5. Don’t get into Alcohol Abuse 

Some alcoholic beverages can cause many health problems and severity depending on the amount of alcohol you consume in a day. They can damage liver cells and scar your liver. Consult a doctor if you have any medical history before consuming alcohol.  

6. Avoid Contaminated Needles 

Even though contaminated or dirty needles are not the only cause of liver infection, it might be one of the factors that could lead the person to health complications. Any type of skin penetration that involves sharp objects should be avoided. People with tattoos or body piercing should especially be aware of it.  

7. Don’t share personal items with anyone 

We have been hearing this from early childhood that we should not share our personal hygiene items with anyone involving razors, toothbrush, nail clippers, etc. This is because they can carry microscopic amount of blood that can contaminate your body and cause liver disorders. 

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8. Consult a doctor, if exposed to blood 

If you come in close proximity with someone else’s blood, then you must show it your doctor so that you could be check. Contaminated blood can cause liver problems as well as affect other health issues. Get a check-up on a regular basis. 

9. Practice Safe Sex 

Having sexual relationships with multiple partners can increase the risk of having hepatitis B and hepatitis C. People should especially remain aware that unprotected sex could lead them to multiple health concerns and liver diseases in future. 

10. Wash your hands frequently 

Whenever you use the washroom, it is mandatory that you wash your hands with soap thoroughly. This is because it can cause infections that could lead to liver disorders. Also, parents changing diapers of their children should wash their hands properly. This must become a regular practice along before and after every meal as well.

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