Stomach Infection: Try These 6 Effective Ayurvedic Remedies For Cure

Ayurveda has many remedies that can cure stomach infections and symptoms along with it, here are some ailments for your use.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 19, 2022Updated at: Apr 19, 2022
Stomach Infection: Try These 6 Effective Ayurvedic Remedies For Cure

One of the most common health complaints that we come across is that of headaches and stomach problems. Stomach problems are usually caused because of some infection or due to unhealthy diet. Stomach infections can be quite stressful as it may lead you to gastric imbalances and cramps in the stomach. Aching is a common symptom of stomach infection along with other digestive troubles and defecation reflex. Ayurveda has been an effective source of treatment to cure stomach infections and pain caused because of it. Even though there are many ailments, ayurvedic treatments or remedies usually come from natural ingredients that do not cause any side-effect.  

Ayurveda for Stomach infection 

Not to get confused, stomach pain is a symptom, whereas stomach infection is usually the cause behind that pain. So, in order to treat pain, we have some of the ailments that are given in ayurveda that provide long term benefits to your health. It also helps to purify the system and have a relieving effect on the stomach. Let us know about some natural long-lasting cures that can aid a person in stomach infection.  


Ayurvedic Remedies to Cure Stomach Problems

1. Pomegranate Seeds 

Pomegranate is endured with some great natural extracts that helps to cure stomach problems. It reduces inflammation in the intestine, and therefore is helpful in pacifying abdominal or stomach pain when mixed with black salt and peppercorns. It purifies your system and thus makes you feel better than before.  You can also have it in whole fruit form otherwise that also prevents stomach pain and certain types of inflammation. 

2. Nutmeg Oil 

If you have stomach infection, then it is usually leads you to abdominal pain and gastric issues. Nutmeg oil actually kills the germs and cause of infections occurring in the stomach that releases pain. Ayurveda suggests that you should regularly consume nutmeg oil in order to treat stomach infections. You can also mix it with sugar to relief cramps and stomach pain

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3. Clove and warm water solution 

Cloves is one of the common spices that is largely used in Indian households, ayurveda also tells many benefits of having clove in your food or beverages. Drinking some warm water that has some 8-10 cloves in it can heal your stomach infections. It eases your muscles in the intestine and helps to absorb nutrients from the diet. Consuming warm water solution has proven benefits to those who suffer from any kind of abdominal pain or discomfort.


4. Molasses 

For those who don’t know, molasses is a dark, sweet syrup that is made from sugarcane. It is extracted as the byproduct of the sugar beets. It is used from decades and is one of the original tonics that are consumed to keep the gastric problems away. It has high nutritional value and thus can eventually treat your stomach pain and infections present in the large intestine. You can take this in form of juice or syrup, that is available in the market.  

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5. Ginger and lemon extracts 

We all know how much useful ginger for our body, we often put it in tea and other food items to gain benefits. You can take an ayurvedic drink that has multiple benefits on your health. Blending lemon extracts with ginger can soothe abdominal pain. Cramps that occur during the infection can also be eased up quite a lot. You should take ginger and lemon extracts in warm water that can aid you during stomach infection. 


6.  Celery Solution 

One of the most popular drinks that is present in ayurveda for treating problems like stomach infection is celery solution. This ayurvedic solution can be taken in lukewarm water to cure stomach ache and related problems. Celery solution goes a long way in aiding as well as detoxifying your system. It also helps to cure different sorts of stomach ailments and improve digestive health. 

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