Rich UK Couples Seeking 'Wombs for Hire' in India

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Jan 02, 2013

Rich UK Couples Seeking Wombs for Hire in India

A research published in The Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law revealed a dramatic rise in the number of couples registering children to foreign surrogates.

Surrogacy or ‘wombs for hire’ from foreign surrogate mothers increased many-folds in the past five years with Indian agencies witnessing a 47 times increase in 2007 and 133 in 2011. The report claims that women rent their wombs for about $16,000 to $ 32,000.

Assisted reproductive treatment (ART) or surrogacy is permitted in the US and in many other countries including India, where it was legalised in 2002. Although, the practice is banned in the Great Britain and only expenses may be paid, making it difficult for Briton couples where neither a partner is able to bear children or find women prepared to volunteer for the role.

The practice carries a concern of child trafficking. To address it, World Health Organization (WHO) had a meeting recently to consider regulations on international adoptions.

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