Tissues vs. Hankerchief:Which One would you Prefer?

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Jan 15, 2015
Quick Bites

  • Tissue papers are easy to dispose of.
  • Using tissue frequently can harm the environment.
  • Handkerchiefs are reusable and environment friendly.
  • Hankies cannot stay clean for a long duration.

As we prepare to bid adieu to the cold weather, the season leaves behind its trail in the form cold and flu. However, it isn’t the weather that causes cold and flu. The troublesome little germs are the real culprits. As you stay inside your home during cold weather to prevent the chilly winds, these pesky germs find it easier to spread from person to person.

Wiping off your dripping nose with a disposable paper tissue may not seem to be an environment-friendly option hence, most of us carry a reusable handkerchief.

Handkerchief vs Tissue

But, the amount of germs that you carry with those handkerchieves is gross. Ever thought about it? So, if you are wondering about options to clear off the watery pipes without clearing a forest, here is some help.

Tissue Paper: Pros and Cons

Pros: Besides being 100 percent hygienic, tissues are easy to dispose of which makes it convenient to get rid of undesirable substances preventing spread of germs and other flu inducing viruses. If you are worried that the tissues will be sent to a landfill where they would never break down, you can compost the use tissues.

Cons: If you care for the environment changing tissue paper frequently to clean your nose will not make you happy. The harmful effects of deforestation are not hidden at all. So, most people would choose preventing a mudslide over preventing a leaky nose. Also, the pulp is turned into white by using chlorine bleach which again is not an environment-friendly substance.

Handkerchief: Pros and Cons

Pros: Using reusable products can help you go green. It will be cheaper in the long run and you can simply toss you dirty handkerchief in the washing machine and they will ready to use once again.

Handkerchief vs Tissue

Cons: Most people don’t prefer using untidy handkerchiefs which are soaked in mucous and gunk. And in case you suffer from cold and flu, carrying dirty hankies can spread germs on your hands and from there it can spread to everyone else.

So, Which one is Better?

Use tissues but make sure that those are the recycled ones. These tissues must be made from post-consumer recycled paper and you must make sure that you throw them away into the compost bin rather than sending them away in the trash can. However, that does not imply that you cannot use handkerchiefs at all, after all they help you prevent from spreading germs. While you use a public rest room and an handkerchief seems to be a better option to open the germy door, use it without giving it a second thought. You can also use a hanky to cover your mouth and nose if you are surrounded by people who are coughing or sneezing.

So, now that the options are clear make you choices wisely.

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