Cold Shower Vs Hot Shower: Which Is Better And Why

Both cold and hot showers have pros and cons. So, learning when to opt for one becomes essential.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Feb 21, 2023 13:01 IST
Cold Shower Vs Hot Shower: Which Is Better And Why

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Many people prefer hot showers after an exhausting day, while some prefer to bathe with cold water. If you have ever wondered what is better for your health, you are not alone. Both cold and hot showers have pros and cons. So, learning when to opt for one becomes essential. 

This article lists the health benefits of a cold and hot shower, which one is better, and why.

Health Benefits Of Cold Showers

Good For Your Hair

Taking a bath in cold water can promote hair health and add lustre to it. It can promote hair hydration and is ideal for dry and brittle hair. Our pores expand when we take hot showers, but a cold shower can temporarily tighten them, preventing the loss of healthy oils from your skin and hair.

Increases Circulation In Your Body

Cold water is a go-to option for most people working out or engaging in sports. It helps your muscles relax and promotes circulation to all body parts. Moreover, it can also help reduce pain and inflammation in your body. 

Reduces Stress 

How about taking a cold shower when stressed? A cold shower can help reduce your stress levels as it releases norepinephrine and cortisol by activating the sympathetic nervous system in your body. 

Boosts Immunity

Cold water can help boost your immune system as it increases the number of white blood cells and improves metabolism in your body. However, avoid bathing in cold water when sick or suffering from a cold or cough.

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Health Benefits Of Hot Showers

Reduces Blemishes

Taking a hot shower may benefit your skin as it opens your pores and eliminates toxins trapped in your skin. Thus, it helps reduce blemishes and clean your skin.

Promotes Sleep

You can take a hot shower after an exhausting day to relax your body and promote good sleep. The hot water alters your body's internal temperature. The body uses the subsequent dip in temperature post-shower as a cue that it is time for bed.

Good For Muscle Relaxation

Taking a hot shower helps reduce muscle fatigue and tension in your body. It helps relieve sore muscles, widens your blood vessels, and boosts blood flow. 

Eases Respiratory Symptoms

We all are advised to sip hot beverages and food to stay warm when suffering from a cold or flu. Likewise, a warm bath is also advisable as it helps clear your nasal passage, loosen up phlegm, and provide you relief from cold.

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Which Is Better & Why

  • A cold shower can boost immunity but should be avoided when sick. It is better to opt for hot showers as they relieve respiratory symptoms.
  • A hot shower can reduce blemishes, but it may dry out your skin and cause irritation if the water is too hot. You should opt for a cold shower if you deal with skin problems such as itching and dryness.
  • People with arthritis should opt for  hot showers as it is better for their bones and provides greater mobility. However, a sportsperson with an injury will likely choose a cold shower as it helps reduce inflammation.
  • You can take a cold shower after a strenuous workout or a long day at work. On the other hand, taking a hot shower before getting a massage is preferable.


It is advisable to refrain from taking showers with too cold or too hot water as it can hamper your health. It's a good idea to take a hot shower before bed, but cold showers work better in the morning.