Pranayama Can Help In Fighting COVID-19; Says The Government

Pranayama is beneficial for your general health as well as in fighting COVID-19. Check out its advantages as listed by the government in a tweet. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: May 13, 2021 15:14 IST
Pranayama Can Help In Fighting COVID-19; Says The Government

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The whole country is facing a challenge time since the second wave of COVID-19 hit us this year. India's health system is failing, resulting in an increased death rate, due to lack of many important medical care facilities. The consequences of Coronavirus were unimaginable and the country was not prepared or expecting such results. Although, state lockdown in Delhi and Maharashtra (highest Covid infected people in the country) has lowered a significant number of COVID-19 cases and fatalities as well. Because of the growing mutations, new symptoms of this virus keep adding to the list, along with the old common symptoms. The best way is to keep taking precautions and follow all guidelines by the government and doctors. 

Yoga and especially pranayama is popular for being one of the best ways to deal with any respiratory problems. Breathing exercises will not only help you in calming yourself but also in clearing up and strengthening your respiratory tract. Breathing exercises or commonly referred as 'Pranayama’ is the word that has been derived from ‘Prana‘ which means ‘life force’ and ‘Ayama‘ which stands for ‘to lengthen or to work on it’. Prana, in yogic terms, means the force in the body that is important for the functioning of the body and its mechanisms. Practicing pranayama everyday can provide a wide range of benefits. And during this deadly pandemic, it is important to indulge into breathing exercise to manage the symptoms of Covid infection.

Pranayama to fight COVID-19 


Earlier, the government had released the benefits and process of prone positioning to improve oxygen levels in Covid positive patients. Now, the Twitter handle of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India is talking about Pranayama to fight COVID-19. According to the Central government, pranayama can help in many ways in fighting COVID-19. The tweet said that Pranayama has the following benefits that can play a vital role in dealing with Covid infection: 

1. Enhances and stimulates immune system 

Deep breathing or pranayama helps our immune system in regenerating cells to combat infections and any other health problems that affect our body. There are some breathing exercises that have proved to increase the efficiency of our immune system. The better the air quality and the deeper you breathe, which can further help your immune system to function properly. Practising Pranayama daily can surely improve your overall immune system.

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2. Increases the oxygen saturation in the body 

Another benefit of pranayama for COVID-19 is that it can help in increasing oxygen saturation in the body. Practice of kapalabhati pranayama increases diastolic blood pressure (BP) and oxygen saturation instantly in the body. Hence, this habit of exercising the diaphragm everyday enhances oxygenation and helps in better breathing. COVID-19 patients should do Pranayama everyday to increase oxygen saturation in the body. 


3. Helps in releasing stress, anxiety and depression 

Another major benefit of pranayama is that it can put your mind at ease. Both  anxiety and depression can be treated by doing pranayama regularly. There are several ways that can help in curing anxiety and stress. Shitali pranayama, which is a cooling form of pranayama, is an amazing natural way of calming the mind and body, also resulting in less hypertension and relaxed nerves. 

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So, these were the main advantages of pranayama that were stated by the government on social media to help Covid positive patients fight Coronavirus. It has many other benefits including treating cardiovascular issues, boosting overall health, increasing blood circulation and curing several health problems including asthma, headache, migraine, neurological problems, depression and gastrointestinal issues. You can easily practice such exercises at home on your convenience. 

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