Pole Dance For Fitness: Train Like A Beast While Looking Like A Beauty

Ever thought how pole dancing can help you in losing weight? Here’s how it is done...

Preeti Athwal
Written by: Preeti AthwalUpdated at: Nov 27, 2019 10:25 IST
Pole Dance For Fitness: Train Like A Beast While Looking Like A Beauty

Pole dancing is fast catching up as a fitness routine. No longer it is seen as a dance form objectifying women. It is also seen as a sport by some as dancers compete in various tournaments and competitions. The dance form has managed to break stereotypes and emerge as one of the most preferred ways to keep fit. The popularity could also be explained because one needs to pull one’s body weight to twist and twirl like a siren on a pole which could very well be in the comfort of their home. 

Of Cardio & Endurance


The dance form gracefully combines elements of cardio and endurance for flexibility and strength. The beauty in pole dancing also lies in its ability to tone the muscles but add fun in the activity with choreography and music as you move like an absolute Goddess! In this day and age, when life revolves around work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is almost compulsory for one’s body and mind and pole dancing as a fitness routine could turn your life around. And considering all this, it is an incentive enough to break out of comfort zones and begin afresh.   

Benefits of Pole Dancing 

Pole dancing hurts as learning the dance form takes time and requires dedication, willpower, healthy decisions and sacrifice. In pole dancing, one pushes their body to its limits. There will be temptations, and there will be sacrifices. Your reward will be flexibility and a strong core and upper body strength. As mentioned before, you will rely on your own body to move on the pole with grace as opposed to huffing and puffing while pumping iron in a gym full of sweaty people. Your muscles will burn as you pull your body weight and burn calories. Susan Peach, who has been a dance and fitness instructor since 1983, has been pole dancing since 2005, says on her website that it build and tone muscles and helps in increasing flexibility as you burn calories while gliding on the pole.  


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Pole dancing & Ways To Do It 

There are different ways to go about it. There are all kinds of equipment available in the market. Some of the examples being - permanent-mounted pole, removal and portable pole, friction pole, platform poles and rotating poles. There are online lessons, group classes available near you and books, DVDs and manuals as well.

Precautions For Beginners

Every Pro was once a beginner, and it is no secret that pole dancing hurts. Therefore, it is better to be safe than to be, err, injured as pole dancing is primarily a dance form that requires endurance and flexibility and hence, precautions for beginners is an absolute must.

Before you embark on your journey towards this dance form and focus on fitness, make sure to seek a professional for the same. A professional instructor would know the ins and outs of the dance form and help you build a personalised routine when you are a beginner. If one is learning at home, one makes sure to invest in a good pair of shoes and mats to cushion crash landings. One should also lose jewellery and get grip aids and gloves so that they have help in sticking and prevent pole burn in the early days of pole dancing.


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So, once you have the hang of it, you could do it at home entirely with ease. However, one must not forget to warm up. Warming-up exercises are essential for prepping the body muscles and hence, better flexibility without the risk of injury. Therefore, one must make sure to do a warm-up routine before the main method. 

Happy poling!

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