Experiencing Menopausal Hot Flashes? Switch to Plant-Based Diet For Relief

If you are in your menopausal age and troubled with hot flashes, you must switch to plant-based diet and add soybeans to your diet.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 23, 2021 11:16 IST
Experiencing Menopausal Hot Flashes? Switch to Plant-Based Diet For Relief

A lot of menopausal women experience hot flashes almost daily that creates a lot of discomfort. The upper body suddenly feels warm despite not being exposed to any external source of heat causes a lot of problem and some women find it hard to handle the situation. If you are also undergoing the same, you must try plant-based diet as it is found to be helpful in handling hot flashes. This is not a hypothetical statement but a research-backed finding that can allow easy menopause. Scroll down for more details.

The journal ‘Menopause’ recently published a study done by the North American Menopause Society. The focus of this research was to find dietary options to control hot flashes and other problematic factors caused during menopause. The researchers found that consuming plant-based diet with a high amount of soy products can reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes by more than 80%.

Plant-Based Diet for Hot Flashes during Menopause

Hot Flashes during Menopause 

This study took 12 weeks where researchers asked menopausal women to take up plant-based diet. Their meals had larger potions of soybeans which are found to be the game changer. Mild to severe hot flashes were treated with this dietary switch where 79% of women experienced reduced frequency of hot flashes and about 60% were totally free. This study was named the WAVS trial which showcased the effectiveness of dietary changes for combating hot flashes during menopause. The vasomotor symptoms during menopause are hot flashes, flushes and night sweats.

Lead researcher Neal Barnard said, “This is a game-changer for women aged 45 and over, most of whom we now know can get prompt relief from the most severe and troubling menopause symptoms without drugs.”

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The reason why soybeans are said to be beneficial is that it has Isoflavone extracts that help in reducing hot flashes. This is a safer alternative to otherwise prescribed Estrogen-based medicines by doctors.

Hana Kahleova, author of this study commented, “Previous studies have shown that soy could be beneficial, so we decided to put a diet change to the test. We believe that the combination is what is important. By the end of the study, the majority of women on a plant-based diet rich in soy reported that they no longer experienced moderate-to-extreme hot flashes at all and that they experienced significant improvements in their quality of life.”

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Plant-Based Diet for Hot Flashes during Menopause

How to Treat Hot Flashes during Menopause?

As mentioned above, consuming plant-based diet with low-fat foods and soybeans helps a majority of women get respite from hot flashes that are commonly experienced by women of menopausal age. It is believed that isoflavones in soy products help in metabolizing gut bacteria that help in reducing the severity and frequency of hot flashes.

This study can certainly help a lot of women out there in managing hot flashes that are extremely discomforting and disturbing.

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