Can Patients Of Arthritis Do Pilates? Know From Pilate Expert Vesna Jacob

Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob is telling 5 easy and effective exercises for arthritis patients. This would exercise the core without stressing the joints

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobUpdated at: Sep 12, 2020 16:18 IST
Can Patients Of Arthritis Do Pilates? Know From Pilate Expert Vesna Jacob

There are several theories and research that have identified pilates to be one of the great ways of easing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It is so gentle yet it exercises the body. Our body is stronger and there are certain indications that doing light exercises 4-5 times a week for a maximum of 30 minutes can actually help in reducing the number of flare-ups. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints and can lead to joint deformities. However, one should know that before starting anything, you must consult with your doctor to understand the risk factors and what to avoid for your condition. Besides, you should also find experienced personnel like a physiotherapist or pilates expert who has been working with recovery cases. This minimizes the risks during exercising. During the active phase of the disease when flare-ups are occurring, you should focus more on recovery and take rest. Once you are out of it, continue exercising.

5 East-To-Do Exercises for Arthritis

Here are five pilates exercises suggested by Pilate expert Vesna Jacob. These are to be done with on the chair that anyone can do. Since most arthritis patients have painful back, knees and joints so doing chair exercises are easy and comfortable. Also, if you do these exercises with an elastic band, it provides support while making it a little bit challenging. In short, it is a great way to strengthen the muscles and increase resistance. Using an elastic band is gentler than using dumbbells. So, here are the five exercises for arthritis.

Bicep Curls

  • Just put the band under the chair and then grab its two ends outside.
  • Start doing bicep curls with this elastic band.

Side Raises

  • Put the elastic band under the chair and grab the ends outside.
  • Take your arms slightly on the side and so side raises.
  • This is quite similar to bicep curls but your arms should be on the sies.

Triceps Extensions

This is a great exercise for arm strengthening but it also helps with core strengthening by exercising the back.

  • Put the elastic band under the chair and grab the ends outside on the back side.
  • Stretch your arms with the band.

Leg Extensions

  • Take the elastic band around the leg while sitting on the chair.
  • Now bring your knees close to the chest and expand the leg.
  • This exercise is for leg strengthening to minimize the pain of joints, knees and hips.

Lying Extensions

This is done while lying on the ground but legs and calves on the chair.

  • Keep a cushion under the head for support. You can do abdominal exercise in this position but Vesna is suggesting lying extensions in this position.
  • Do leg extension in this pose by placing the elastic band around the legs.
  • This is great not only for legs but for the entire core.

If you have arthritis, you can do these easy pilates exercises to work your body stressing the joints. Start doing these and get fit. Just make sure to not overdo or else it may aggravate the existing condition.

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