Phrases that can Kill a Relationship

Use of certain phrases when you are in a relationship can destroy your closeness with your partner. Here is a list of such phrases, which you must avoid.

Vasudha Bhat
DatingWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Mar 26, 2015
Phrases that can Kill a Relationship

“Ten percent of the problem arises from what you say and the remaining ninety percent from the way you say it”. This holds true for every relationship. Sure, the way you communicate something to your partner needs to be regulated every now-and-then. But while concentrating on your tone, are you sure that you are not losing track of the things you say? If not, here we tell you 5 phrases that can wreck havoc on your relationship. We compiled the list for you so that your relationship lasts long and the two of you keep feeling closer, always.

Phrases you should Never Use


When you are close to someone, asking questions with a `why’ can create defensiveness in the relationship. Even if your intentions are innocent, this single word can make your partner think of reasons to defend themselves.

`You Need To’

You are two individuals with equal standings in life. When a person, who is a part of the relationship, makes use of the word `you’, it creates distances. None of you has to be assertive while communicating with each other. Use phrases and words that will make your partner feel that you stand by them in everything.

`I am Sorry If’

Most problems in a relationship arise because none of the partners is willing to let go of his/her ego. But, it is for all of us to understand that as humans we are bound to make mistakes. If you have done something wrong, admit it and apologize and just wait and watch how `sorry’ casts a magic spell. But, it does not end here. Another mistake that most people commit is not apologizing in the correct way. Avoid using `I am sorry if…’. When you use the word `if’, it means that you are trying to dodge the responsibility on your partner.

Phrases you should Never Use

`Why Don’t you Just’

Wondering why this phrase is troublesome? Well, the answer is right there in the phrase itself. It starts with the word `why’. Suggesting your partner solutions to problems is fine. But, only when you are asked for it. At times they might just want you to be there to listen to their problem. Saying `why don’t you just’ implies that the problem is invalid in your eyes.

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