Papaya For Weight Loss: How Can It Be Effective To Shed Excessive Body Weight?

Eating papaya regularly has various health benefits, know if it can aid in weight loss as well.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 14, 2022Updated at: Apr 14, 2022
Papaya For Weight Loss: How Can It Be Effective To Shed Excessive Body Weight?

You must have eaten papaya once in your life, whether you like it or not. It is quite a sweet tasting tropical fruit, which is more prominent in summer season. Most of the fruits are very rich in vitamins and so is the case with papaya. Antioxidants that are very beneficial for their skin, brain, and heart as well. Most of the people are confused about its health benefits on weight loss. Even though there has not been any evidence about the benefits of eating papaya for weight loss yet, but studies that have found a positive effect on your health by eating papaya. Today, we will know whether or not papaya can be a healthy option for weight loss. 

Can papaya help you lose weight? 

We spoke to Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical Nutritionist at Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to help us know about benefits of eating papaya for weight loss. She said that papaya is rich in nutrients, but still, it cannot aid weight loss directly. This fruit is very good for digestion and body functions that could aid weight loss in indirect manner. Papaya is rich in fiber and are high in water content. They are also low in calories and can satisfy your hunger quite quickly. This is one of the reasons that papaya is helpful for weight loss. It can even help you manage your weight and lower the risk of overeating. Let us discuss about other benefits of papaya. dot could actually help you to lose weight. 


Health benefits of Eating Papaya 

1. Rich in nutrient contents 

Papaya actually contains an enzyme that can break down tough protein chains found in the muscle meat. The enzyme known as papain can be extremely healthy to break down fat accumulation in the body, this can also affect weight loss. This is the reason people have been using papaya to tenderize their meat for several years. Many people also eat unripe papaya that should not be the case when you want to lose weight. It is best for pregnant women to eat ripe papaya that contain antioxidants which are beneficial for stimulation. 

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2. Source of antioxidants 

In the process of metabolism, free radicals which are reactive molecules that are created and promote oxidative stress. This can lead to several diseases and infections in the body. Antioxidants that include carotenoids found in papaya can neutralize free radicals. According to some studies, fermented papaya can reduce oxidative stress in older adults and those who have pre diabetes, mild hypothyroidism and liver disease. According to our expert, it can also be very beneficial to treat Alzheimer's disease and prevent brain dysfunctions. 

3. Reduces Cancer Risk 

Nutrients present in the papaya can even reduce the cancer risk of a person. Those who are getting treated with cancer are also advised to eat papaya regularly in their diet. Among most of the prominent fruits and vegetables, papaya is the only one that contains anti-cancer properties that could treat breast cancer cells. It also reduces inflammation and precancerous stomach condition that could lead to severities.  

4. Improves heart health 

Adding papaya to your diet can also have a beneficial effect on your heart health. Some studies showed that this fruit has high levels of lycopene and vitamin C that has ability to prevent heart diseases. Antioxidants present in papaya can also protect your heart by reducing effect of LDL cholesterol levels.  


5. Prevents skin damage 

This fruit can also help your skin to look more toned and youthful in everyday life. The free radical can cause wrinkles, sagging and skin damage as you get older. As papaya has antioxidants that could reduce the effect of free radicals, it could benefit your skin. Vitamin C and lycopene in papaya can protect your skin from aging. It also reduces redness and sun exposure that is caused by UV rays. There could be visible positive effects of applying a papaya peel mixture on your face that reduces facial wrinkles. 

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6. Aids Digestion 

The enzymes present in the papaya can make proteins easier for you to digest. You may also choose to eat papaya in conditions like constipation as part of remedies to calm down your stomach. Eating papaya can also reduce the risk of irritable bowel syndrome. All of this helps to aid digestion because of which accumulation of fat becomes less and you are able to lose weight and boost your health. 

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