Osteopathic Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

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Mar 03, 2012

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As the name suggests frozen shoulder implies the stiffening of the shoulder joints, thus restricting the movement of the shoulders. This causes unbearable pain while sleeping and even swelling. Osteopathy treatment heals the frozen shoulder by removing its root cause.

Frozen shoulders occur due to insufficient production of synovial fluid near the joints or due to the stiffness of muscles near the joints. Osteopathy treatment brings back the normal motion of the muscles and bones in the joints.

Frozen shoulders can be caused due to some problems related to the neck, back or even elbow. It is very important to identify and locate the cause of frozen shoulders. As osteopathy treatment mainly targets the cause of any ailment, knowing the reason of frozen shoulder greatly helps in the treatment.

Osteopathy treatment is a very gentle and subtle way to treat frozen shoulders. During treatment, first of all the doctor applies gentle pressure near the joints and soft tissues. Such pressure stimulates the brain nerves, easing the pain. It also provides strength and power to the bones. It stimulates the body’s immune system to heal the pain and stiffness in the joints.

Osteopathy reduces the swelling surrounding the joints, releases muscle strain, treats the tendons and ligaments associated with the joints and defreezes the joints. The joints are stretched and relaxed subsequently to make them free and movable.

Osteopathy treatment works on the muscles attached to the joints. It relaxes the muscle strain easing the pain. The osteopathic doctor, while treating frozen shoulder, works on the neck, thoracic and lumbar region of the spine as well.

The treatment of frozen shoulder is generally slow. It takes months and years to rectify the problem. Even after the treatment, the pain persists for a lifetime. By osteopathic treatment, it can be treated faster and in a very effective way. It not only mobilizes the frozen arm, but also strengthens the muscle tissues, increases the reflexes and corrects the postures.


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