Old and Dusty Scare

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Oct 23, 2012

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Old and Dusty Scare

It’s a long wait, probably an hour before your turn comes at the dentist’s, so, you pick up an issue of the latest art magazine and quietly turn the pages devouring knowledge, and however, if you must know, it is germs that you are actually taking in. Now, experts say that those magazine that await to infiltrate your monotonous wait by gifting a good read, does you more harm by spreading germs. This is why many experts now insist on throwing out magazines or recycled after a week just a week from its print. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service has even handed out a warning to a dentist in Lyme Regis, Dorset, further informing her that if this message was to be ignored then she would fail the inspection by the Care Quality Commission.


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It has been told by a commission spokesman that practice owners, as part of a regular cleaning schedule, should ensure that the magazines are in good condition and free from obvious contamination. It must be noted here that previously magazines were removed from some doctors’ waiting rooms during the swine flu outbreak. If this news is to be true then that would mean a major clean up needs to take place in doctors’ chambers all over the world as some magazines date back to many years.


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