Make Your Office Space Germ Free

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Jul 18, 2011

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Cut down on the germs 24 * 7, 12 months a year by paying heed to the following antibacterial tips which will prevent your work place from becoming a hub of illnesses. 




Scrubbing removes the germs on the surface of your hand. Make sure you keep scrubbing your hands thoroughly for at least 30 – 40 seconds. Make sure that while you’re scrubbing, your hands are pointing downwards to prevent water from running up your arms.


sanitizerAlcohol based Hand sanitizer


Disinfect your hands by using an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Alcohol is a drying agent and immediately kills viruses and bacteria. Alcohol can, however, make your skin dry. Buy a quality brand of hand sanitizer which has ample amount of moisturiser. Carrying antibacterial wipes is also a great option.


Avoid touch


We touch a lot of objects at our work place such as desktops, keyboard, doorknobs and telephones. It, therefore, becomes very important that you avoid touching your mouth, face, eyes and chewing your nails because this hastens the spread of germs and doubles the risk of illnesses.


Kitchen Etiquettes


It is better that you bring your coffee and tea mugs if you are unsure about office hygiene. You may also wash them with dish soap and wipe it off with a paper towel.


handshakeNo-hug/No-handshake method


If your colleague is ill or has just recovered from an illness and you’re scared that germs can pass on then use the no-hug, no-handshake mantra. Be sure about the nature of illness: if it is communicable or not.


Management duty

It is the management’s duty to keep office germ free. It is in your best interest too. However, if you find any loophole you can always throw in some suggestions and ask them to provide sanitizers in the washrooms and pantry.


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