Know Your Plate: Know What you Are Eating When You Are Devouring A Samosa

Do you know how much calories do you get by eating one samosa? Know from the dietician how good or bad a Samosa is for your health.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 08, 2019 18:19 IST
Know Your Plate: Know What you Are Eating When You Are Devouring A Samosa

If there is one snack that should be given the title of the ‘National Snack Of India’, it has to be Samosa. A crispy deep-fried patty with seasoned potato filling is difficult to resist on a nippy evening. Its popularity reaching way beyond the borders, with people all around the globe eager to relish a samosa. Be that with a cup of piping chai or with a dipping of green chutney, a samosa, is comfort food for many. The memories of childhood and college breaks are incomplete without the flavor of the trusty samosa. Tickled your palates, have we? But before you Swiggy in a samosa serving, it would be good to know how many calories it will cost you, and exactly how nutritious it is. Not hearsay, we have a legit dietician tell you everything you need to know about the Samosa. OnlyMyHealth spoke to Dr. Anuja Gaur from Aakash Healthcare Superspeciality Hospital – Read on before you take the bite.

Nutritional facts about samosa

  • 1 Samosa= 262 KCal
  • Protein- 10.5g
  • Carbohydrates- 45g
  • Fat- 3g
  • Dietary Fiber- 1.5g

Samosa nutritional facts

One regular-sized traditional potato samosa contains around 262 calories, thanks to its high starch and low fiber content. Also, it contains trans fats which is the bad fat for the body. Worse, if you are eating samosa from the street vendors, beware- the deep frying is happening in reused oil. Doctors warn that reusing oil increases the trans fat content of the medium. This increases the lipid profile of the person which increases the bad cholesterol level in their body. However, Dr. Anuja Gaur says that eating samosa once in a blue moon won’t do much damage. Only if you eat it daily, it will hamper your health.

What Does A Samosa Contain?

The main ingredients in a traditional samosa are:

  • Refined flour
  • Potatoes
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Spices

This is basically a patty of refined flour with mashed potato and vegetable filling. It is given the shape of a cone and then deep-fried in oil.

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How To Burn Samosa Calories?

The five minute pleasure of devouring a samosa is putting you back a 262 calories. And that is a big calorie count to burn. Dr. Anjuna suggests these exercises:

Samosa calories

1 samosa equals -  

  • 1 hour of a brisk walk
  • 1 hour of power yoga
  • 1 game of Tennis
  • 1 session of aerobic exercises
  • 30 min of swimming

These would help you in breaking down the calories so that the fat doesn’t accumulate on the body.

Even if you are committed exercising each day for the love of a samosa, dieticians do not recommend consuming it frequently. Like all fast food it could lead to obesity and put you at risk of several health issues such as indigestion, constipation, increased cholesterol, poor metabolism, diabetes, irregular blood pressure, etc. 

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Give a Healthy Twist To Your Samosa

While samosa is all about its taste but we can definitely give it a healthy twist to better its nutritional profile. Here are some ways to turn unhealthy samosa to healthy

  • Use whole wheat flour instead of refined flour
  • Baked samosa is the new trend
  • Use air fryers instead of deep-frying to cut on oil content. Click here to buy air fryer from Amazon.
  • Replace potato stuffing with mixed vegetables to decrease carbs.

We’d like to leave you with one thought. Weighed, just in terms of calories, 1 samosa equals 5 apples. Apples ofcourse will come packed with vitamins, minerals and fibres… so what would you rather put on your plate?

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