Naturally Improve The Oxygen Levels In Your Body With These Simple Hacks

Precaution is the best medication for COVID-19 surge right now. Know the methods through which you can improve your breathing and lung function.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 27, 2021Updated at: Apr 27, 2021
Naturally Improve The Oxygen Levels In Your Body With These Simple Hacks

It would not be wrong to state that India is suffering from breath shortage these days. There are several thousand of cases coming where people are crying for oxygen cylinders. Covid has taken the nation aback and has shaken it inside out. The count of covid patients is increasing and so is the number of deaths. In these challenging and tough times we need to take precautions and help each other to fight this battle with corona virus. Since breath, that is basically oxygen which we need to survive is the major ingredient to keep us healthy is becoming an issue. Let us know about some methods through which we can increase our blood oxygen levels naturally.

Why Is It Important To Improve Your Breathing?

At times when your immunity is low, even small dysfunction can prove to be hazardous to your health. People who are older tend to have lower lung function which means the rate of SPO2 is slightly lower than young adults. Also other parts of body are more prone to diseases in elderly people hence it becomes important for them to keep up their health at these tough times. 

According to a study development of lungs is finished till the age of 25 and then it remains stable for 10 years. After 10 years means after 35 years of your age, the lung function starts decreasing and this rate increases with time and age. By 65 the lung capacity is quite low and than normal which increases the chances of getting diseases like Covid-19.


Methods to Improve Your Breathing Capacity

Eat More Fruits- Eating fruits which are rich in antioxidants are very beneficial for your lungs. It helps the lungs to perform well and decrease the decline of lung function. This may especially help those who had a habit of smoking earlier. Fruits which are rich in anti-oxidants are watermelon, banana, apple, oranges and tomatoes. Therefore eating more fruits can increase your breathing capacity and lower down the risk of lung failure.

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Do core and upper body exercises- Doing more of core training and upper body exercises improve our breathing due to formation of correct posture. Weight training exercises increase the bone strength and also strengthen the chest. Exercises such as shoulder press and dead lifts help in maintaining a good posture which allows us to take full breaths. Some exercises that may help are-

  • Shoulder Press- This exercise is meant to strengthen your shoulder muscles but apart from that it also maintains a good body posture which allows more oxygen in the lungs. For this you need to keep 2 dumbbells on your either palms and then take it to your shoulder height. Your elbow should be at 90 degrees and weights parallel to your ears. Then lift both your hands till they stretch upwards and then bring them back to original position. This improves intake of breadth and lung function. 
  • Dead Lifts- This exercise maintains a great posture for maximum oxygen intake in you lungs. However this exercise should be done under guidance if you are a beginner. Heavy weights can be harmful if the posture is not correct. Place a rod with weights; bend your knees slightly as to reach the rod. Hold the rod with grip tightly from shoulder distance. Then just straighten your knees and keep your chest apart. Hold there for 2-4 seconds then go back to normal position. 

Get Some Resistance- The best way to increase resistance in your lungs is to practise aerobic exercises. Resistance is the key in this pandemic. Aerobic exercises focus on the oxygen you take with each breadth. This can be included in your normal routine and does not even need any equipment. Aerobic exercises can also be done in the form of brisk walking. Other exercises include cycling, running, dancing etc. This raises you heart rate and makes you breathe deeper which improves the lung capacity. 


Belly Breathing- It is a form of Diaphragmatic breathing which improves your breathing rate and helps in respiratory procedure. This can also be done through weights but easier way to do it is to relax your shoulders and lie down. Place one hand on your belly and other one on your chest. Inhale through your nose and when you feel your stomach has moved out more than your chest, breathe out through your lips. While breathing out you should slightly press your abdomen and pursed lips. 


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Get Vaccinated- This is really important, as the covid cases surge in India, the most important step is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Respiratory infections can be threatening to life and since covid attacks your respiratory system the most. It is important to get vaccine for COVID- 19 so that we could end this pandemic as soon as possible and control the infections caused by corona virus. 


COVID cases are increasing rapidly and we need to take precautions so as to remain safe. As we are going through oxygen crisis and the rate of people dying due to low SPO2 levels, we need to be prepared. Here are some methods through which you can improve oxygen levels in your body and also help in decreasing the risk of respiratory problems. There are food items which can help you maintain antioxidants in your body. There are also resistance building methods and exercises to improve lung functioning. At the end the most important point is to get vaccinated, it is our only weapon against this covid pandemic. Stay Home, Stay Safe. 

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