Aerobic Exercises Can Be Beneficial During This Pandemic. Know About These 8 Benefits Which Can Boost Health

Aerobic exercises can be beneficial for you in this pandemic. Know what health benefits it can have on your body.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 20, 2021Updated at: Apr 20, 2021
Aerobic Exercises Can Be Beneficial During This Pandemic. Know About These 8 Benefits Which Can Boost Health

Keeping ourselves fit is most important in these challenging times. There are both and mental and physical pressure which we need to tackle right now. Apart from eating healthy, exercise is one aspect which is always helpful when it comes to stay fit. But since gyms are closed and are also unsafe at this time of COVID pandemic, a person can switch to aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are helpful for strengthening core and improve oxygen levels in the body. The main advantage of aerobic exercises is that it does not need any major equipment to workout. Let us know about other benefits of aerobic exercises.

Why To Prefer Aerobic Exercises?

Aerobic exercises have a big impact on your arms, legs and hip muscles. Regular repetition of these exercises means having constant movement in these muscles. Our expert Eram Rizvi, fitness trainer and coach in Dronacharya Gym, Noida told the major importance of doing aerobic exercises. He said that aerobic exercises can be very simple like cycling, running, swimming etc. Some of them can be easily done inside homes hence there is no hassle. It improves the breathing as it maximizes the oxygen levels in the blood. Heart beats becomes faster which also increases the blood flow in the muscles and back to your lungs.


The blood vessels widen which increases their capacity to spread oxygen and release waste materials such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Even the amount of natural painkillers in your body releases which decreases the chances of body ache.

8 Health Benefits of Doing Aerobic Exercises

1. Improves the cardiovascular system- Aerobic exercises help in reducing the rate of heart related diseases in the body. It strengthens your heart and helps in pumping of blood more efficiently throughout the body. It can also lower down the blood pressure which helps in building high-density good cholesterol and lowering the bad cholesterol in the body.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure- Cardiovascular exercises keep the blood pressure low in normal parameters. People who are suffering from high blood pressure should choose aerobic exercises to maintain their health.

3. Helps in Asthma- Aerobic exercises can be beneficial for people who are suffering from asthma. It reduces the frequency of attacks and maintains your health well. However it is recommended that you consult a doctor before starting any exercise because some specific exercises can back stab your health.


4. Chronic Pain and Blood Sugar Levels- It can help if the person is having chronic back pain, especially in the lower back. Activities like swimming and aqua aerobics can help you regain your endurance. It also helps reduce weight which is a major factor for chronic back pain. 

It also helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in check. It reduces the risk of type- diabetes and regulates insulin levels.

5. Regulates weight- This one is not much of a surprise. Doing aerobic exercises each day can help you in weight loss and help in burning fat. Brisk walking is a good way to reduce weight and exercise sessions of aerobic exercises can burn up to 600 calories per day which can create a huge impact on your body and weight. Cutting on some extra calories may be additionally beneficial.

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6. Strengthens Immune System- It is one of the most important things in today’s scenario. Everyone is running after medicines for boosting their immunity whereas aerobic exercises are natural way of strengthening your immune system. Let us observe the difference between a person who does aerobic exercise and those who doesn’t. 

One person used treadmill for 30 minutes and the other did not. The blood pressure was taken before and after regular intervals. The person who did treadmill had antibodies in the blood called immunoglobulin which help in strengthening the immune system. The other person showed no improvement in their immune function.

7. Improves Brain Function- Our brain starts loosing tissue after the age of 30 but the cycle can be slowed down with the help of aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises improves cognitive performance of the person and improves their brain functioning. People who are more fit in the older age tend to have better brain functions. Aerobic exercises showed reduction in rate of the frontal, parietal and temporal areas of the brain tissue.  


8. Reduces Risk of Falls- This means that aerobic exercises improve the bone density which reduces the chances of broken bones, or injuries and disability. It reduces the risk of falling or getting disbalanced at various points especially at later stages of life when the bones become comparatively weaker. Aerobic exercises improve balance and agility. It is found that people who do continuous exercise especially aerobic exercises perform significantly better in the motor tasks. It also improves their grip and reaches and protects the body from falls.

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The best part about aerobic exercise is that almost all the exercises are safe for people. There may be some extensive exercises which elderly won’t be comfortable doing but it does not have any risk factors. Aerobic exercises can be performed in homes and can be done without much hassle of equipments. It has many advantages which can boost your energy and health; it improves cardiovascular problems, lightens up mood, is readily accessible and improves oxygen levels and immunity. Therefore it can be very beneficial in these times especially when many people are having hard time keeping up to their immunity.  

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