5 Types Of Meditation That You Must Do Now To De-Stress From Corona Scare

Meditation can help in keeping the mind calm in testing times of coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of them

Gandharv Gulati
Mind BodyWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Apr 21, 2021Updated at: Apr 21, 2021
5 Types Of Meditation That You Must Do Now To De-Stress From Corona Scare

One of the best ways to keep the mind calm is meditation. When you meditate, all your focus comes into the center and distracts your thoughts. The second wave of COVID-19 wave is here and it is scarier than before. Everyone has locked themselves inside houses but the negative news is all around. In order to keep yourself sane during these testing times, you must practice meditation. There are many types of meditation to de-stress that you can choose from.

Meditation To Ward Off COVID Anxiety 

Listed below are a few meditation-types that you can try during the second wave to be safe from corona-led anxiety: 

1) Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is all about mindfulness. This means being present in your thoughts and focused on one thing. While doing this meditation, one needs to be aware and fully present during the session. You should know what’s going on around you but don’t react to it. This meditation can be anywhere and at any time when you feel low. It is better to sit in a peaceful corner, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Once you master this meditation, you can do it even if you are surrounded by people.


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2) Guided Meditation

As the name suggests, this type of meditation is guided by an expert. Guided meditation is also known as guided visualization or imagery. This meditation is conducted where an expert asks you to imagine pictures or memories that you find relaxing. This may also include other senses such as sound, textures, smells, etc. to evoke calmness.

3) Chakra Meditation

There are seven chakras that are associated with different parts of the body. Each chakra is linked to a particular body part and health problems. These are the energy centers of the body where spiritual powers also reside. Chakra healing is a practice that helps in healing a multitude of physical, psychological and emotional problems. Chakra meditation, thus also holds benefits in bringing your mind and body back to place. In chakra meditation, your guide will ask you to follow certain relaxation techniques. These are aimed at balancing the chakras and promoting holistic wellness. Many props like colors, crystals, incense sticks, etc. are also used in this therapeutic session for better results.


4) Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation is the conventional meditation that most people do. It has links with ancient India where Yoga is present for ages. Yoga meditation involves breathing exercises and different postures to attain the best results. This can be done with or without expert intervention. Just maintain the right posture and focus on breathing while doing yoga meditation. This improves breathing and boosts blood circulation in the body. It will release stress from your mind and uplift your mood with positivity. Simply avoid distraction and stay focused. If you have any existing health condition particularly asthma or bronchitis, talk to your doctor

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5) Transcendental Meditation

This is a simple meditation technique that is suggested by a meditation professional only. This meditation is carried through mantras and chants that are personally assigned by an expert. This includes sound, word or phrase that needs to be repeated while meditating. You need to close your eyes and sit comfortably to do this type of meditation. It is of great help in de-stressing yourself from the coronavirus scare around you. It will provide you with the utmost relaxation.

In times like these when the only way to stay away from corona anxiety is to look for altrnatives, these meditation types can certainly help in sharing or reducing the load of virus on mental health. 

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