Ayurveda Recommended Natural Treatments To Cure Deep Sunken Eyes

It is easier to cure deep sunken eyes by natural methods. Here are 3 Ayurveda recommended treatments to cure deep sunken eyes.

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Ayurveda Recommended Natural Treatments To Cure Deep Sunken Eyes

Eyes are like beautiful windows through which we are able to look at different things and appreciate them. They are one of our most crucial parts of our body and everyone wants their vision to be perfect. However as with other parts of the body, eyes have problems as well. As we age, our eyes start getting more wrinkled, dark and tired. Deep sunken eye is a condition that occurs outside the eyes around the skin. This is a condition in which skin around the eyes gets a little dark and it seems as if something has been impacted on it. In Ayurveda, any problem that occurs in the eyes comes under pitta dosh. This can increase with growing age, hence today we will learn about some ayurvedic recommended natural treatment which people can apply to get rid of dark sunken eyes.

What Are Dark Sunken Eyes?

According to Dr. Kanchan Tyagi, General Physician in Ayurvedic Medicines from Ujjwal Medical Hospital says that sunken eyes are a result of stress and aging. She tells that in Ayurveda it comes under pitta dosh which is further divided into sub categories called alochaka. This is a product of stress, overusing eyes with excessive screen time, television, reading in poor light and having anxiety as well as anger issues. 


A person can also have deep sunken eyes if he is engrossed in alcohol abuse, or excessive tobacco abuse. Other factors also play as key role in worsening conditions related to eyes such as-

  • Excessive exercising
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Lack of sleep
  • Pungent and hot food consumption
  • Pollution

Ayurveda recommends simple treatments that can be made from natural ingredients to improve your skin tone and reduce deep sunken eyes condition. 

Ayurvedic Natural Treatments To Cure Deep Sunken Eyes

1. Rose Water Treatment

Rose water is considered very beneficial for your skin. It keeps the dark spots and uneven tone in place and reduces the effect of skin problems. In recent times rose water is recommended by variety of doctors to take care of your skin. Ayurveda recommends using rose water from many decades as natural treatment option to cure skin problems especially on the face. It has a cooling affect on the body, it is pleasant and gives calming sensation to the eyes. Rosewater treatment can also work for tired eyes and dark circles beneath the eyes.

For rose water treatment-

  • First take the rose water and pour little bit into a bowl.
  • Add some water that is kept in natural temperature
  • Mix rose water with cool water in the bowl
  • Damp the cotton balls in the bowl which has rose water mixture
  • Squeeze the cotton ball to remove excess of solution from the cotton
  • Now dab the cotton on near your eyes on the sunken area
  • Lie down and keep the rose water cotton balls on the eyes for 10 minutes
  • Wake up and remove the cotton balls.

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2. Cucumber- Potato Treatment

This treatment method is less known to people and majority of beauty parlours just apply cucumber paste or cucumber on the eyes. But Ayurveda recommends making a paste of cucumber and potato together for additional benefits against deep sunken eyes. Cucumber aids in cooling down excess heat from the eyes whereas potato is helpful in reducing the dark circles and preventing skin problems. Cucumber is used to treat tridoshas in Ayurveda and primary used for pitta reduction.


For this treatment-

  • First grate the cucumber and potatoes in fine quantity
  • Now extract al the juice out of cucumber and potato one by one
  • Add some cool water to the extracted juice
  • Dip the cotton balls in the solution and squeeze the cotton ball. Cotton ball should not drip the solution; it just needs to be moist enough.
  • Now keep the cotton balls beneath the eyes and leave it for 10 minutes

You can additionally apply 2 slices of cucumber and place them on top of your eyes.

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3. Tea Bag Treatment

This is a mix or herbal treatment and natural treatment. Most of the tea extracts need to be from the green tea, which are considered herbal form of treatment. Tea bag treatment is useful in curing many skin conditions including deep sunken eyes. It is also a remedy to cure puffy or red eyes. Tea leaves contain antioxidants that are highly beneficial to remove tanning and relieve itchiness in eyes. It reduces burning sensation and swelling from the eyes and is quite useful for constructive blood flow.


For this treatment-

  • Dip the tea bags in water for 5-10 minutes.
  • Squeeze excess of water from the tea bags
  • Make sure the tea bags should not be too hot for keeping it on the skin
  • Place the tea bags on each eye for 10 minutes

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