Muscle Knot Home Remedies: Reduce The Chances Of Injury By Following These Simple Steps At Home

Knot-like appearance in muscles can significantly add to the risk of significant injuries while exercising or playing sports

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Dec 21, 2019
Muscle Knot Home Remedies: Reduce The Chances Of Injury By Following These Simple Steps At Home

Lifestyle changes have become a common thing. Now instead of physical exertion or movement, we rather believe in the comfort of sitting in AC offices. This style may sound relaxing and less tasking, but inactivity is a significant reason for sickness and other health-related issues. Also, inactivity leads to several muscle-related problems in the form of knots. We often experience a knot-like appearance in various parts of the body, which have prominent muscles, especially the calf muscles.

Due to the changing hours of work and stressful jobs, most professionals sit in the same posture for hours in front of systems, which increases the risk of muscle knots. Stress, anxiety, dehydration and injury are the factors that increase the risk of this problem. Muscle knots are also very painful at times and happen at sensitive muscle areas. Muscle knots also occur due to long hours of inactivity. Experts claim that since most employees work in the same posture for several hours in a row, they fall prey to the problem of muscle knots.


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Muscle Knot Symptoms

Symptoms of muscle knot include headache, earache, teeth pain, and difficulty in sleeping. The worst part is that these knots can appear in any body part but can be mostly felt around the neck, shoulders, back and hips. Experts also claim that this problem is usually due to injury or stress, which can be treated with home remedies. If the problem is not severe, treatment of muscle knot is exercise, massage, physical activity, etc.

However, in some cases, muscle knot pain is unbearable in some cases, which needs immediate treatment. This is because the muscles become inflamed. The extreme symptoms of muscle knot are accompanied with cough and cold. This problem can be solved with timely diagnosis and treatment.

An Active Lifestyle & Balanced Diet Is A Must


Muscle knot prevention can be avoided by eating a balanced diet with an active lifestyle and alertness while sitting, walking and bending. While working in the office, stretch the body by taking breaks in between can be helpful. This will help reduce the soreness in muscles, reducing the chances of muscle knots.

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Muscle Knot Home Remedies


In most cases, these muscle knots can be treated while at home by following these simple home remedies:

  • Cover the affected area with a pack (heat pack or cold pack) for immediate relief
  • Get into the habit of doing aerobics, cycling, jumping jacks, etc. to loosen up the sore muscles
  • On consultation with the doctor, one can take anti-inflammation medicines for relief from pain
  • One should make sure to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes in a day for an active mind and body
  • Sleep in the proper posture to avoid muscle injuries
  • One should make it a habit to do a little bit of yoga every day for muscle relaxation
  • Stay stress-free as stress is one of the significant reasons for muscle tension and soreness

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