Parents Beware! Watch Out For These Early Signs Of Depression In Adolescence

Tips for parents: Watch out for these first signs of depression in adolescence  

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Apr 30, 2020 13:48 IST
Parents Beware! Watch Out For These Early Signs Of Depression In Adolescence

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Adolescence is the stage of age in which a lot of changes take place in the body of every child. During this time, not only hormonal but physical and mental changes also occur in the child's body. Sometimes at this age, children suddenly become unhappy about something, or if something hurts them, they become depressed. Apart from this, all kinds of problems like stress, studies' responsibilities, environmental and social pressure also lead to depression in adolescent children. Also, in today's time, there are many reasons, because of which teenagers get upset. Children of this age often have an extreme eagerness towards anything and sometimes a very pessimistic attitude. In such a situation, the children must talk to their parents and parents must pay attention to the little things of the children and give them a small space to understand and love more. Let us tell you here some of the most common warnings or signs that depict depression or suicidal nature during adolescence.

Social withdrawal

Today's teenage young generation is rapidly retreating, and thus they are disconnected from society. Today's teens avoid social contact and prefer to be alone. Apart from this, they suddenly start to calm down, which is a sign of depression. Whenever you see these movements in your teenage child, be careful. As when some children go into depression, they commit suicide due to it.

Sudden mood changes

Crying, irritability or getting angry is an individual identity of children (of this age). This is also because of the increased emotional response in them triggers their mood over and over again. Being emotionally imbalanced for small talk, not understanding things is often seen in children of this age. In such a situation, children know what they have in mind, and if they do not get the right guidance, they can walk on the wrong path.

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Changes in appetite or sleep patterns


Always stay alert to sudden, needless changes in a person's sleep or appetite. In adolescence, there is a sudden, excessive or decreased sleep in children. Peer pressure is the most severe problem at this age. At this age, children do not trust their parents, but friends more, due to which sometimes they also fall victim to bad habits like smoking, drinking.

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Increased risk-taking behaviour

Often, boys and girls of this age have increased risk-taking abilities. Besides, they are attracted to drugs and alcohol. Not only this, but mood disturbances, very angry and suicidal intent can also suddenly be triggered by their hormones. Besides, some children begin to suffer from loneliness. They think no one will understand them, so they stay alone.

Feeling of helplessness

Adolescents who are unfortunate experience a lack of control and a sense of hopelessness. Apart from this, there are some signs in such children that they do not understand what to do. As well as thinking about suicide due to the futility of working for the future, their apathy in planning the next phase, or failing to set a goal. If you see any behaviour contrary to the rational nature in a teenager or feel it from their conversation, then do not ignore it at all.

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