7 Mini Meal Options For When You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss can become ease if you know the right diet. Here are some mini meals you can have to manage weight.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 29, 2022 19:04 IST
7 Mini Meal Options For When You Are Trying To Lose Weight

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Weight loss is not about restricting yourself from eating but managing what you eat and when you eat. Portion control is the key to weight loss if you cannot do without your favourite foods that are not ideal for weight loss. Secondly, one should eat smaller meals frequently rather than three big meals. By taking mini meals, you are providing required energy to the body without overdoing it. In a nutshell, you eat less but frequently, which helps in proper breakdown of food and prevents fat deposits. Eventually, you restrict fat buildup and release energy by breaking down the food you are eating.

Mini Meals for Weight Loss

The concept of mini meals is great for people who feel hungry often but do not wish to gain weight. These are snacks that you can have to satiate sudden hunger pangs.


Not the loaded cheese sandwiches but simple sandwiches with limited and healthy ingredients. Use whole wheat or multigrain bread and have fillings like shredded chicken, cottage cheese, lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, etc. Have just two slices of bread and you will be sorted for hours.


Needless to say, fruits are the best mini meal options and you can have them multiple times a day. Eating one fruit in between every meal can help you stay hydrated and full at the same time. Most fruits have high water content and dietary fibre that aids weight loss.

Mini Meal Options


One of the best mini meals is a bowl of sprouts. While experts suggest mung bean sprout to be the best for weight loss as it has high dietary fibre and essential nutrients that promote fat burn. You can make it wholesome by adding soaked nuts and other sprouts with a pinch of pink salt and black pepper.

Toast and Omelette

Nothing can beat a crispy toast when you need a quick snack. You can have an avocado toast or a toast with omelette as a mini meal. And no, omelette toast is not limited to breakfast;  you can have it at any time of the day. For weight loss benefits, remove the yolk and use only egg whites. One slice of bread with a two-egg white omelette is a fulfilling mini meal.

Greek Yoghurt with fruits, nuts and seeds

Mini Meals To Lose Weight

Greek yoghurt is best for weight management. It also tastes great and this makes it perfect for a mini meal. Add some chopped fruits, mixed seeds and nuts to a bowl to make this a wholesome mini snack. You can also add granola if you feel hungry.

Milk with nuts

If you feel like eating something easy, keep nuts with you and have a glass of low-fat or skimmed milk with it. Alternatively, consuming soy milk is preferred over others as a part of an effective weight loss diet.

Roasted snacks

Roasted chana, roasted chickpeas, and roasted peanuts is a powerful combo for munchies. Ideally, you should keep these with you in a box to consume whenever you feel hungry. These have a rich nutritional profile that would provide energy without adding to your daily calorie count.

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