Men's Health Tips: 6 Benefits Of Eating Roasted Chana And Jaggery

Carbohydrates, protein, calcium, iron and vitamins are found in plenty in roasted gram. Consuming jaggery along with it is considered very beneficial for the body. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Nov 22, 2022 14:45 IST
Men's Health Tips: 6 Benefits Of Eating Roasted Chana And Jaggery

We are often unaware of the benefits of several common things sold in the market! Sometimes these things provide numerous benefits which are related to the health of human beings. One of such things is, jaggery and roasted gram (chana), many people consume them as a hobby while others for taste. But do you know that if a person eats them daily, what benefits does it give? You will not only be healthy but also stay away from all kinds of diseases. Eating roasted gram (chana) gives a lot of benefit to the body. Roasted gram eradicates many problems related to men's health and gives you more strength.

Note: Keep in mind that the roasted gram should be eaten without peeling.

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamins

are found in plenty in roasted gram. Moreover, consuming jaggery along with it is considered very beneficial for the body. If you too are unaware of their health benefits, then we are going to tell you about the 6 health benefits of consuming these two.


Eating roasted gram and jaggery together not only keeps your strength intact but also increases it. Eating roasted gram with milk enhances the quality of the sperm. If a person is facing any such problem then eating gram will be very beneficial for him. Eating roasted chickpea with honey also eradicates impotence and increases masculinity. Not only this, but leprosy is also cured by eating jaggery and roasted gram.

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Enhances immunity

We often fall prey to diseases when the body's resistance is weak. Eating roasted gram daily increases the body's resistance and keeps us away from diseases. Choose 50 grams of roasted chana for breakfast daily, (eating with jaggery increases the body's immunity drastically due to which diseases stay away from us). Often such problems arise in the changing weather.

Glowing face

Men who have been troubled by the marks on their face should consume jaggery and gram daily. It improves skin tone and brings a glow to the face.

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Helps in reducing obesity

Daily intake of a roasted gram can help in reducing obesity, it cuts excess fat and weight rapidly. People struggling with obesity should eat barley gram because they are very beneficial for them.

Jaggery and gram improves digestion

If you have a problem (issue) of: 

  • constipation 
  • acidity

then they should eat jaggery and roasted gram to avoid it. The fiber in it helps to keep their digestive power (system) intact.

Urinary infection in men 

If you are suffering from urinary diseases like burning sensation (while urinating), then eat roasted gram. Several problems will be easily solved.

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