Mood Swings in Men: Everything you Need to Know about it

If you thought mood swings are only for women, you are wrong. Men are as vulnerable as women when it comes to having mood changes.

Arti Chaudhary
Written by: Arti ChaudharyUpdated at: May 10, 2019 18:25 IST
Mood Swings in Men: Everything you Need to Know about it

Mood swings are common for man and woman both. Various studies states that mood swings in woman can easily be detected than that of man because woman express it out ever as man keeps there swings under control. It is a complete lie says men’s feel nothing. They do feel everything, happiness, pain, anger and every single emotion. 

Have you ever felt like you are trapped in endless emotions at the same time? Is it ever happened that you are not in your senses? At some point your mind stays out of control. If the answer for these questions is yes, then it might be possible that you are going through a lot of mood swings.  


Myth Busters

Call it busting the myth or call it breaking the stereotype but experiencing mood swings is not only for the fairer sex. There are doctors, sociologists and scientists who completely think the opposite. It’s not just women because men too can experience emotional highs and lows. When there is a change in hormonal balance inside a man’s body, it can also lead to a physiological change, which eventually results in psychological changes.

The increase and decrease in the levels of certain chemicals can have significant effects on a man’s emotions. However, the mood swings a woman experiences are more intense as the hormonal balance in their body during PMS and menopause is much more acute. While a woman’s emotional imbalances can last for longer periods, a man’s mood swings are less dramatic and their duration is lesser depending on how much the testosterone has decreased.

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Difference between Depression and Mood Swings

Long-term depression and mood swings are two completely different things. While depression is normally a result of an impact from external forces like physical pain, death of a loved one or losing a job, mood swings are triggered by a disturbance in the hormonal balance which takes place inside the brain.

Men can be Emotional Too

There is another myth which seems to have existed since forever. For ages it has been believed that men are not, and should not be, emotional. Although women are more emotional than men but, treating it as fact that men cannot be emotional is nothing but a myth. It is the societal norms which teach a man to hide his emotions. But, the reality is that a man can experience emotional highs and lows which are as strong as that of a woman.

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However, when there is an excessive flow of mixed emotions your mood starts dwindling like a pendulum you must take control to cut down the frequency. But how would you identify that things have been stretched too far? Here is how. If you experience the following emotions, then it is time.

  • If you feel jealous of people too frequently
  • If you experience sessions of extreme anger and fury
  • Sleeplessness due to anxiety
  • Acute paranoia or fear
  • Obsession with something or someone
  • Lack of rational thinking

Putting Control

Any exercise, regular or general, can help you keep the testosterone levels in balance. Sexual intercourse can also help you regulate aggressive mood swings. Besides, you could always use the `ask yourself’ method to control your moods. Ask yourself `why’ before acting in a certain way. With help from this method, you will compel the brain to start thinking rationally. This might not appear to be easy at first but with constant practice and patience, you will eventually master the art

Now, you are pretty much aware of everything about mood swings. There is nothing embarrassing about having mood swings if you are a man. So, pull up your socks and get ready to fight the anger pangs.

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