Medical Care during Pregnancy

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Feb 25, 2013

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Medical Care during Pregnancy

Scheduling regular appointments with your doctor will ensure that you are your baby are in good health. Pre natal care does not only require medical care but is also inclusive of counselling to adjust to the forthcoming changes in your life.


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Medical Care during Pregnancy

  • During your first medical visit the doctor will determine your due date, check your health history, explore your family history, and determine the possibility of any risk factors. The doctor will also advise you regarding the exercises that suit your body type.
  • A physical examination will be conducted at regular intervals where in your blood pressure, heart, breasts and lungs will be check.
  • You will also be suggested to undergo a Pap smear test to check for cervical cancer.
  • Lab tests like complete blood counts (CBC), RPR (for STD”s), Rubella, HbsAg and urinalysis will also be performed.


Psychological Care during Pregnancy

  • To cope with the changes happenings and about to happen in you and your partner’s life, it is important to consult with a counsellor for advice. The counsellor will suggest tips and tactics for you to handle the change. Coping with change is one of the biggest challenges humans face.
  • There will be a change in the dynamics of your relationship with your husband when a baby is born. The focus will shift away from the two of you to the baby who needs to be tended to and cared for. Many relationships go through a marital upheaval when a baby is born. The mother becomes so occupied with the baby that the husband is ignored. In order to avoid such a situation it is advisable to involve your husband in baby care activities.
  • Another change women experience is a change in their relationship with themselves. It is usually observed that women post pregnancy; forget to take care of themselves. Women compromise their grooming and hygiene as they are busy nurturing the baby. Remember only a well groomed mother would be able to instil the qualities of hygiene in a child. Children are receptive from early age and learn by example.
  • When a baby is born, he/she will demand your complete time and attention and this may hamper your social life. This is just a phase and will pass by soon. Try and involve your friends in the pre natal and natal process. Your friends will be a great support system during this important phase of life.


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