Mann Ki Baat Highlights: PM Modi Speaks To Corona Infected Patients

 PM apologized to the countrymen in terms of strict decisions, that were necessary to fight corona.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 30, 2020 15:25 IST
Mann Ki Baat Highlights: PM Modi Speaks To Corona Infected Patients

In the Mann Ki Baat program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the countrymen said, "to fight against corona some necessary steps and decisions were taken". PM Modi said that the coronavirus has insisted on killing humans. Therefore, the 21-days nationwide lockdown has been put to protect you.

People who don't accept lockdown are messing up lives


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he understands that no one wants to break the law on purpose. But some people are doing this. The PM said that those who do not accept lockdown are playing with their lives. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today we need to learn from doctors, nurses, medical staff. The PM said that we need to take inspiration from those who defeated Corona.

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“Honestly, when all us nurses were called for service to the hospital to fight COVID-19, I was scared. I have 2 daughters & a husband, who’s health I was concerned about. At that point, my 4th grader was just happy her exams were cancelled & my other daughter was paranoid I’d catch the virus–she begged me to not report. All I could do was assure her that I’d be okay, because when duty calls, you show up–there’s no plan B. So my husband took over the house & I left for work. Even getting to the hospital was tough, because the risk in taxis was high. So my husband drove me, but that put him at risk. The other nurses & I decided to carpool, but we realised it was best for us to stay at the hospital. I still remember the first day–between admitting patients, allocating beds & calming down patients… it was like a war zone; we didn’t get a minute to rest. But the hardest thing we had to do was keep families apart. I was handling a couple from Pune who was begging me to leave to go home to their kids–but I couldn’t. It was heartbreaking. I thought of my own kids & how much I missed them–it had been 5 days since I’d been home. They kept calling to make sure I had my mask on or was eating, but even those calls lasted a few seconds. There was so much to be done that we had to work extra shifts–we kept morale high by sending each other motivational messages. One of the nurses left at 6am & returned at 9am because a new batch of travellers had arrived–she worked until 12am again that night. But all of it’s worth it when we see the look of relief on our patient’s faces when they test negative. Just last week this group of travellers thanked us with folded hands for taking care of them–in these situations, I always say it’s our first & only duty to serve. These are trying times, but we’ll get through them together. Believe only credible sources for information, take our instructions seriously & stay at home. Help us by not getting out unless it’s for essentials or if there’s an emergency. And once this is all over, we will all celebrate. You celebrate with your friends & family & us nurses will celebrate with ours–we can do it together, by just being home alone.”

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PM Modi talks to corona patients

  • In the Mann Ki Baat program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the individuals who were influenced by the COVID-19 infection and got healed by the treatment. The Prime Minister spoke to Ashok Kapoor of Agra and software engineer Ram. Ashok Kapoor said that he would like to thank the hospital staff and health workers of Agra as they helped him and his family. Ram said that the lockdown is not like jail and people can be healed by following the rules. 
  • The Prime Minister spoke to the doctors treating the patients of Corona. These doctors said that they are treating the patients of corona with full passion. Referring to the lines of Acharya Charak, the Prime Minister said that "he who serves patients without any substantial desire is the true and best doctor". The PM said that he salutes all the nurses who are serving the patients with incomparable loyalty.
  • In his address, PM Modi remembered and saluted the grocery stores owners, bankers, media persons, sanitation workers, who made services possible during this difficult time.

Increase the social distance, decrease the emotional distance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he has asked people to increase social distance, but during this time they can reduce emotional distance and talk to their relatives, old friends, acquaintances.

I apologize for taking drastic measures - PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the countrymen said that due to some decisions, there has been a problem in your life. PM Modi said that I know that some of you will be angry with me. But these steps were necessary to fight Corona. PM Modi said that the coronavirus has insisted on killing humans. He said that the lockdown has been put to protect you. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the fight with COVID-19 is tough and such decisions were needed to fight it. This was necessary to keep the people of India safe.

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