Here Are A Few Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

Always apply makeup according to your face cut! Here are a few makeup tips according to face cut.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: May 18, 2020 22:35 IST
Here Are A Few Makeup Tips For Different Face Shapes

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Makeup tips for different face shapes: Contouring is a technique used to sharpen, define and enhance your face structure. The process includes two steps - shadowing areas you want to reduce and highlighting the best areas of your face. Hence, your face shape will determine the areas to be hidden and accentuate. But remember, it all has to be a hush - don’t forget the blending! Make-up is essential for a good look! If you do not plan makeup according to your face, then your hard work will be wasted. Therefore, it is important to take care of face shape while applying makeup. Swati Das, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hairstylist is going to tell you how to do makeup according to face shape/cut.

Round face

The defining attributes of round shape are a full hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. This type is the one that needs the most contouring - cheekbones, the side of the jawline and the temples. Highlight the forehead and chin to bring it forward.If your face is round, then the chin is less bulging in it. If this area is not properly contoured, the face can look quite lifeless. So makeup in such a way that the chin can be embossed.

  • Makeup Shades: Both dark and light shades look good on this face shape.
  • Foundation: Choose a tone light from the skin on the forehead, scream bones and chin area. For jawline, a tone dark foundation from the skin should be applied (makes your face look thinner).
  • Eye Makeup: Apply dark eyeshadow for a dramatic effect and give a finishing touch with mascara. If you do not want to apply either of them, then only use eyeliner.
  • Lip shades: Choose red or red-based colours. Avoid light shades.

Oval face


The oval face is characterised with narrow jaws compared to the cheekbones, and the overall look is longer than full. To enhance them, contour your jaws. Blend highlighter on the forehead and chin to bring them into focus. This is the most common face cut. Almost all types of make-up can be tried. If doing heavy makeup on the lips, keep the eyes nude. If you want to give a smoky effect to the eyes, then keep the lips neutral.

  • Make-up shades: Coral, pink or beige shades can be avoided on this face shape.
  • Foundation: Choose the foundation that matches the skin. By the way, instead of foundation, use of BB or blemish cream will be better.
  • Eye Makeup: Many colours can be tried on this shape. Contour on Eyelid with Dark Eyeshadow. Apply two coats of mascara. This will give you a smoky effect.
  • Lip shades: All kinds of lipstick shades will suit the oval face.

Long face

The forehead of such faces is wide and the jawline is also large. Therefore, in this case, contouring from the base of the cheeks, above the forehead and at both ends of the jaw is correct. This makes the face look attractive.

  • Makeup shades: Shades such as copper, wine, and deep plums are more applicable to this face shape.
  • Foundation: Choose the foundation that matches the face. Apply peach, beige or pink shades on the cheeks.
  • Eye Makeup: Heavy makeup will look good on the eyes. So choose only dark shades.
  • Lip shades: Choose lip shades according to the dress.

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