Lung Cancer: 5 Things Causing Damage To Your Lungs

Due to unhealthy lungs, a person has to face problems like asthma, cough, flu and fatigue. Often we associate the problem of lung damage with pollution.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 19, 2019Updated at: Aug 19, 2019
Lung Cancer: 5 Things Causing Damage To Your Lungs

Lungs, one of the important organs of our body, play an important role in keeping us alive. In addition to breathing, the lungs also purify the air. Apart from this, the work of delivering oxygen to the body and the removal of carbon dioxide is also performed by the lungs and it also helps in maintaining the blood flow in our body. Due to unhealthy lungs, a person has to face problems like asthma, cough, flu, fatigue, and bronchitis. We often associate the problem of lung damage to pollution, but there are several other factors behind it. Apart from these factors, some of our bad habits also damage our lungs, (mostly which we know about and ignore them). If you are also wondering what such things are, then we are going to tell you about 5 such things, which are slowly causing damage to your lungs.


In the current era, the trend of cigarette smoking has increased rapidly, in which both the genders (not only men but also women) are equally and fully responsible. The nicotine present in cigarettes damages the lungs and causes lung cancer. This causes maximum damage to the lungs (whether you consume it actively or passively). Passive smoking also proves to be a danger to our lungs.

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You must have heard about the bleach sold in the market. Bleach is often used to clean the skin, but did you know that bleach releases harmful gases like ammonia and chlorine, which prove to be very deadly for your lungs. This type of gas can cause lung cancer in you.


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We often use pesticides to kill mosquitoes and other insects present in homes, which contain harmful elements like ammonia and chlorine. (Do you know that nicotine is also used in some pesticides?) During the spraying of this type of pesticide, our breathing gets mixed up in the air and cause damage to our lungs. Therefore, use mosquito nets if possible.


We use paint while painting a house, shop or furniture. Bit do you know that it causes damage to your lungs? To maintain the quality of dyes, companies mix different types of chemicals in them. So whenever we open a new can of paint, deadly chemicals like volatile organic compound comes out of it, whose odor proves to be quite fatal for the body and lungs. So while opening the paint box, tie a cloth over your mouth and stay away from its smell.

Avoid burning wood

Burning of wood produces gas like nitrogen oxide, which causes serious damage to our lungs. This is the reason why the use of wooden stove in the village areas often makes women sick and they have difficulty in breathing. Problems like chest pain are also encountered due to the burning of wood.

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