Low-Calorie Diet for 4 Months can Cure Diabetes

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Dec 01, 2011

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Low calorie diet for 4 months can Cure diabetes

Diabetes can be cured by continuous low calorie diet for four months, reveals a new study. Findings of the study conducted at the Leiden University in Netherlands may revolutionise treatment of this lifelong condition known as type II diabetes.


Diabetes is a metabolic disease wherein, the person has high blood sugar. The increases blood sugar level leads to the symptoms such as frequent urination (polyuria), increased thirst (polydipsia) and increased hunger (polyphagia). This condition occurs when:

  • body does not produce enough insulin to break down the glucose present in blood.
  • or when cells do not respond to the produced insulin.


Researchers of the present study found that the diabetics who cut-down their daily calories intake had far more significant chances of improvement in their medical condition and treatment. Researchers team at Leiden University in the Netherlands says that diabetics who are on low calorie diet no longer needed insulin to keep tab on their blood sugar level. They further said that with low calorie diet the dangerous fat building around their heart significantly reduced and there was noticeable improvement in their cardiovascular functions.

The best part of having low-calorie diet for 4 months is that the results are effective for long term, according to the study. They further mentioned that it is striking to see that this simple intervention effectively cures the diabetes.

Sebastiaan Hammer, main researcher of the study is of view that lifestyle interventions can pose more powerful and beneficial cardiac effects for diabetics. These benefits can be at par with drug therapy for the disease.


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