Lose Weight by Working Out in the Morning

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Aug 04, 2012

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Lose Weight by Working Out in the Morning

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of any weight loss plan, especially if you are looking to build muscles rather than simply slim down. To achieve either of these goals, i.e. slimming down or building muscles, it is important to exercise first thing in the morning as a routine. Even if you are able to merely walk for 10 minutes, it should be fitted into your schedule.


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Importance of exercising in the morning


  • Improves metabolism – Exercise early in the morning helps to keep your metabolism up throughout the day. This means you would be able to burn more number of calories just by working out in the morning.


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  • Convenient time – Exercising in the morning is most convenient as most people stick to this routine anyway.
  • Regulates appetite – Exercising in the morning tends to regulate your appetite. Many people have shared their experience that they do not feel as hungry after working out in the morning as they would otherwise do. It puts them in a healthy frame of mind.
  • Keeps you energetic – After exercising in the morning, you feel different the rest of the day. The energy that you gain from exercise in the morning cannot be gained by doing it at any other time of the day.
  • Benefits of exercise routine – There are a lot of benefits in maintaining the same workout and sleep pattern every day. Your endocrine system and circadian rhythms get adjusted to a pattern as it gets used to what is coming at a particular time of the day. This streamlines and optimises your metabolism and other bodily functions and it helps in losing weight quickly.


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  • Time to take stock – Morning is the best time to take stock of your weight loss goals and think clearly. When you exercise, it further improves your ability of reflection. This is because exercise is a sure way of sharpening your mental faculties. It is the best time of the day to pray, plan, or just mentally relax. All these are aided by exercise.
  • Sleep better – If you feel you do not have time to exercise, it would surprise you to know that exercise would help you sleep less and yet be as refreshed. All you need to do is to exert your will for a few days and get up half an hour early. Make it a priority in your life to enjoy benefits a plenty including better success in your weight loss plan.


As exercising in the morning is better than the same at any other time of the day, it makes sense to keep it as high priority. Fitness enthusiasts who work out daily would tell you that their day is never the same if they miss their early morning workout.


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