Know Why Both Physical And Mental Health Is Important For Athletes

For an athlete, it is necessary to be physically fit! But what about mental health? Read the article below, to know it's importance.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Dec 16, 2019 10:44 IST
Know Why Both Physical And Mental Health Is Important For Athletes

Sports has always been an integral part of our society since human existence, from the wrestling of gladiators in roman empires to today's era of high-speed football. Sports has grown out to be larger than life career option. In today's competitive world of sports where only world-class performances are expected from athletes, it becomes difficult for the athletes to cope up with their mental and physical health. Long hours of vigorous training, the pressure of performing better, poor diet, lack of proper education etc. jeopardise athletes physical and mental health.


To prevent this sports psychology stated that there is a high for the athletes to understand the importance of physical and mental health.


Mental and Physical health are fundamentally interlinked. As per WHO, there is no health without physical health, which means that athletes physical health and performance depends upon his mental being.

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It is the most critical aspect of an athlete. It is being observed that the pressures are quite high on an athlete. The demands to be a world-class athlete are enormous. Heavy training sessions, urge to perform better, injuries, anxieties, insecurities and sometimes sports politics may affect a player's mental health which in turn may affect his physical condition and execution towards the particular sport. 

An athlete needs to overcome these challenges to enhance his performance. Still, on the other hand, it also depends on his coach or sport expert to provide the athlete with correct education about his physical and mental state. The coaches need to motivate the player, make him realise his goals, understand the athlete's capabilities of taking pressures, help him overcome his anxieties and fears of failure and boost the desired confidence into a player. An athletes performance is highly based on the technique through which he is being nurtured.


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Physical health and mental health are interconnected. If you are having any psychological issues, the first response of any doctor starts exercising. It is believed that if you exercise daily and push yourself to a better physical; shape your mental health improves. Simply it means that if you have a good exercise sweat, then you may improve your mental fitness. If a player achieves higher physical conditioning than other players, it gives him confidence and boosts to perform better. A sluggish body, on the other hand, may have adverse effects, and it may tarnish your mental psychology, resulting in depriving your game performance. Therefore it is equally essential for an athlete to be in good shape. 


Therefore the importance of studying physical and mental health for all athletes is important from a young age if an athlete is given the proper education to stay physically fit and mentally focused things might turn to be great for the athlete. On the other hand, in the later phases, players usually need more mental motivations to stay fit and active, they need to be realised about their goals and remaining ambitions to bring out their world-class performances.

Importance of physical and mental health is thus extremely important to produce even better performing athletes. This can be only done through professionals, proper education to both athletes and coaches and realisation of the importance of sports psychology.

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