Here Are Some Points To Consider While Taking An Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrators could prove to be a boon in times of oxygen shortage. Find out what to know before taking an oxygen concentrator.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: May 05, 2021 19:38 IST
Here Are Some Points To Consider While Taking An Oxygen Concentrator

Times are challenging times and numerous people in the country are facing problems due to current medical facilities. People are not able to receive oxygen supply and can die of shortage. The major reason behind this disastrous collapse is lack of oxygen and its concentrators. People are severely suffering from oxygen loss in their body and are panicking as the both the hospitals and the government is unable to provide them with oxygen cylinders and facilities. Oxygen which has got to be a basic necessity is missing due to opulence demand and stern conditions. Hundreds of covid patients are passing away just due to lack of medical oxygen supply which is devastating. In these conditions oxygen concentrators are important.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are devices which help in increasing the oxygen concentration through the air and filter out excess of nitrogen. These devices are of great aid to people who suffer from shortness of breath during the COVID-19 crisis. Concentrators work in similar way as any oxygen cylinder or tank which is used to provide oxygen. It is given to the patient through a nasal tube ad mask. The best part about oxygen concentrators are that they can work all 24 hours on electricity when the cylinders need refilling.Lady_using_oxygen_concentrator

Who Should Use Oxygen Concentrators?

Not everyone who is suffering from shortness of breath can use a oxygen concentrator. Dr. Haleema Yezdani, Diabetologist and Tele-consultant at Cartula Healthcare Hospital, Bengaluru says that people who have SPO2 Level below 92% can use oxygen concentrators. However it is possible that if the oxygen drops more than usual then the person will have to shift towards oxygen cylinders itself. 

It can prove to be a good machine in times of this crisis when there is shortage of oxygen cylinders. It can hold the patient for longer than usual until the oxygen cylinder arrives. It can also support patients who are moderate and do not have severe infection or shortness of breath. However oxygen cylinders can only help until the patient requires maximum 5 litres per minute.

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Types of Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are also of two types- stationary and portable concentrator. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. It becomes obvious that the ones that are stationary are hard to commute with the patient while the portable ones are easy to carry because of wheels.


Both the devices manufacture their own oxygen and do not have any extra cost attached to it. They refill their tanks and can run 24 hours on electricity when the oxygen tanks are getting refilled. Also that they both have similar mechanism and working. The other difference is that portable oxygen concentrators can also work on battery whereas the stationary ones do not.

  • Oxygen concentrators can be used in the homes but before getting an oxygen cylinder one must consult his doctor. It depends on the severity of the patient if the concentrator will work in favour or not. Apart from severity regarding SPO2 level it can benefit patients because of supplement oxygen given through these oxygen concentrators

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Tips for Buying an Oxygen Concentrator

There are some points which should be considered before buying an oxygen concentrator. They are-

1. You should be well known about the requirement of patient for oxygen per litre.
2. If the SPO2 level is less than 92% then only one should seek oxygen concentrator support.
3. The capacity to oxygen concentrator to produce oxygen per litre should be higher than requirement. Depending on the requirement you should buy the concentrator. If someone has requirement of 3.5 litre per minute, then you need to get oxygen concentrator which gives 5 LPM machine.
4. Choose the oxygen concentrators which have OPI that is Oxygen Purity Indicator. This helps in knowing the purity of oxygen in the air.
5. The best choice is mostly a 5 LPM oxygen concentrator for 90% purity for a small family. 
6. Take only verified machines which are mostly recommended for the patients. You can consult an expert to recommend you a good oxygen concentrator.


Oxygen Concentrators are beneficial for patients who have shortness of breath. COVID patients can use concentrators if they are not severe and oxygen level has gone down below 92%. It is evident that the concentrators can be helpful in case of oxygen cylinder shortage. It is a machine which purifies the oxygen and takes out nitrate particles from the air. However it cannot aid those who have severe loss of breath and they would have to get themselves oxygen cylinders. Oxygen concentrators can work for 24 hours and does not need any external support. It could prove to be a boon in these tough times when there is shortage of oxygen cylinders.

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