Know The Influence Of Pilates On Hormones From Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

Pilates can even have an influence on the hormones in your body. Know more about these exercises from an expert. Read on.

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobUpdated at: Mar 14, 2021 09:44 IST
Know The Influence Of Pilates On Hormones From Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

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Boosting your mood and fighting through hormonal changes can be a difficult task for many people. And, physical activities play a major role in fighting such issues. Exercise such as pilates and yoga help in regulating your hormones, further saving you from many mood swing and other  issues related to it. In fact, overexercising can also increase the stress hormones, further increasing the risk of muscle loss and fatigue. Some exercises can be helpful in providing relief and relaxing your mind. There are also many other hormonal symptoms and changes such as sex specific issues and other imbalances, that can be managed with pilates. Not to forget, pilates is also the only form of exercises that directly targets your pelvic floor, which can be another benefit for women having menopause. Read this articles further to know about the influence of pilates on hormones and some exercises to do the same.

How to Pilates influence hormones? 


Pilates expert Vesna Jacob states that, "Pilates is a gentle exercising system which is low impact but it is very useful for building a strong core and it also improves the mind and body connection which means that while you are exercising you are basically doing meditation in motion. When you are focusing on your breadth and on internal self, when you are focusing on the task ahead and not on what is going on around you, the hormonal balance improves as well as the mind body breadth connection, release of stress also happens, while on the physical level the exercising increases the blood flow, the heart rate, you are oxygenating the whole body." 

Any physical exercise is great to improve the hormonal imbalance in the body. It not only improves the balance in the body but it also increases the serotonin levels which makes you more happier, reduces your stress levels. The more oxygen the body is getting it becomes more alkaline which is detoxifying which leads to more generation of serotonin and reduces the cortisol levels which is also known as the stress hormone. From PCOS, periods, to menopause, pilates is an excellent low intensity exercise for all your hormonal changes in the body. 

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Pilates for regulating hormones 

Here are 3 useful pilates exercises that you can do at home to regulate hormones and prove hormonal imbalance:  

1. Roll down 

roll down

To do a roll down, you have to adopt a standing alignment. Exhale and start to roll the spine forwards, with your nose moving towards your breasts. Then, roll your middle and lower back forward and make your pelvis roll backwards. The rolling helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles and also helps in improving the blood circulation in the body. It has the power to stretch and enhance the mobility in your back, spine and neck, and it is also beneficial for the hormonal changes in your body. 

2. Intention setting 

Along with physical exercise, it is important to know about other things such as setting intention, mediation, mindfulness and deep breathing. Setting your intention is a crucial part of balancing the hormones. Intention setting is one of the first activities that you can do before moving on to any other light physical exercises. 

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3. Swan dive 

Swan dive pilates is basically a front dive aimed with your head backwards, the back arched and arms on the sides, spread out. They have to be then brought back together above the head to make a straight alignment with the whole body as a diver dives in the water. You just have to release your arms and come in the swan position. 

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