Know how pranayama is good for asthma patients

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Sep 20, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • One can also enchant the Om pushne namaha mantra.
  • Surya namaskara contains 12 positions.
  • It aids in strengthening the arms and legs muscles.

Ashtanganamaskara (Salute with 8 limbs)


  • Lower your body to the ground in a way that your feet are placed together, whereas your chest, hands and chin are touching the ground.
  • The hips and stomach must be lifted up.
  • However, make sure that your breath does not go out of control.


One can also enchant the Om pushne namaha (Salutations to the strength giver) mantra.


  • It aids in strengthening the arms and legs muscles.
  • It also helps in pumping up chest muscles.

Surya Namaskara (the Salutation to the sun)

Surya namaskara contains 12 positions, all of which keeps up a correspondence to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. One absolute encircling of surya namaskara compromises of these 12 positions carried out in sequence two times. Connected with each of the 12 positions is a mantra, which for most favourable profits must be continued in words or in mind.


It is an exceptional work out to do in the mornings after your bath and prior to doing any other yogic practice. If one experiences weariness at any point of the day, this work out will re-establish misplaced vivacity, both bodily and psychologically.

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