8 Kitchen Ingredients That Do Not Expire

There are certain kitchen ingredients that do not expire. Check out these foods that are safe without any expiry date.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jun 23, 2021Updated at: Jun 23, 2021
8 Kitchen Ingredients That Do Not Expire

In the grocery store, you might have noticed that there is a 'best before' label on each and every item there. However, there are several kitchen ingredients that might last for months or even years. You can keep a stock in your kitchen with these ingredients, including staple foods like cereal and rice. In fact, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, such food items can prove to be useful in the time of self quarantine. Kitchen ingredients with long shelf lives are mostly healthy and nutritious. Some foods such as honey and sugar stay safe and good for life, if stored properly. Read on to know about some kitchen ingredients that do not expire for life.

Kitchen ingredients that do not expire

When we talk about food, each item has its own varying shelf life. While there are certain kitchen ingredients that might go bad just after a few days, and others can last months and even years. When stored in the right conditions, some foods never expire or have a very long shelf life. So, here are the 8 useful kitchen ingredients that do not expire:

1. Honey


Honey has chances of getting crystallized with time, but it won’t become stale. Basically, honey is a strong spoilage resistant and is made up of around 17% of water, which is too less to let bacteria and fungi grow. It acts as its own preservative as honey dehydrates the bacteria. If your honey crystallizes after some time, then just slide your sealed container or jar oh honey under hot water for 5-10 minutes. The honey will soften and come back to its normal texture. The sweet flavour will be fresh as ever! 

2. Sugar

Sugar is one of the most common kitchen ingredients that is used almost everyday, just like salt. Sugar should be kept stored in a proper jar and make sure not to use a wet spoon to take some sugar. If sugar is kept away from moisture it can easily last for years. There are chances that sugar's texture might get affected, but it will never expire. Both white and brown sugar should be stored in an airtight container. If moisture gets mixed with sugar, it can become hard.

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3. Salt

Salt is used everyday to prepare curries and different vegetables. This kitchen ingredient is a flavouring agent of our staple diet. In fact, salt is also used to preserve other food items so it also plays the role of a natural preservant. Similar to honey, salt also dehydrates bacteria and if you store it properly, then salt can be used for years. But, if the salt is fortified or iodised, then it can go bad in some time as compared to the regular old salt.

4. White rice

white rice

Another food that does not expire is white rice. However, it should always be stored  in an airtight container. It has low oil content that helps in preserving the rice naturally for years. You can store a good amount of rice in a large container and keep some of it in a smaller container which can be used daily to cook food. By doing this, the big container of rice will be prevented from daily opening and closing, which might have exposed it to moisture, that leads to rice going bad. White rice can only go bad if there is high oil content.

5. Soy sauce

Many Asian restaurants have to use a large amount of soy sauce everyday but it does not go bad. If the soy sauce it unopened, then it can last for a lifetime. Ame, if the sauce bottle is opened, then it can be stored in a fridge for around 2-3 years. Soy sauce contains a rich amount of salt, which then acts as an excellent natural preservative. Soy sauce can be kept in the cupboard for as long as you want, if it is sealed.

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6. Vinegar

Another kitchen ingredient that does not expire is vinegar. Vinegar is even considered as an important product that be used to preserve many foods. It is a natural preservent and has a long shelf life. White vinegar, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar and many other types of vinegar can last for years, that too without even refrigerating them. These fluids are acidic in nature and can be used in many dishes for years.

7. Cornstarch


Cornstarch is mostly used to bring a thickening agent in gravies, make sauces, soups. This is another food that can last for years without going bad. But, you have to make sure that it does not get wet at any cost. It should be stored in a cool and dry place. Cornstarch can stay goof for years, but only if it is kept away from any moisture. You can store cornstarch in an airtight jar and it will stay good for a few years.

8. Maple syrup

Pure maple syrup is a good friend to your pancakes and waffles. The maple syrup bottle can be kept for years, if sealed. But, if you have opened it, it can be stored a fridge in an air-tight container and it will stay as it is for a very long time. Pure maple syrup can stay good for years if stored in the right way. And, vanilla extract and dried noodles also do not expire if stored in a cool and dry place.

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Therefore, these were some kitchen ingredients that do not expire and can be kept for years, if stored properly. Along with these, there are many other food items that have a long shelf life. Kitchen ingredients that are rich in salt or sugar have a longer shelf life as compared to other foods.

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