Keeping your cell phone at these places is a strict no

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Mar 30, 2016
Quick Bites

  • Avoid keeping phone in sunlight.
  • Prevent contact of phone battery with metal.
  • Do not keep phone near flame.
  • If overheated, cut the charging power.

As we all know, smart phone is an integral part of our lives today. Whether we are in washroom or in bed or at a meeting, we always need our phone to be with us. But do you know keeping your mobile at certain places is not good for your phone’s health. It may decline the age of your phone battery and can even cause damage to your phone. So if your mobile means a lot to you than you should be aware of following points about your cell phone.


places where you should not keep your phones



Near the pool

If you are carrying your phone while going for swimming than it’s time to be alert. The habit of keeping phone with your beach towel makes your phone fry like anything. With exposure to direct sunlight the mobile’s body gets heated up thus making it vulnerable to damage. Certain metals of phone become active in longer exposure to direct sunlight and may start leaking causing damage to your phone. So next time when you go for a beach bath, leave your phone at your hotel room or in your bag.



Avoid the flame

Many people especially housewives have a habit of chatting on phone while cooking. It could be very dangerous both for women as well as for their mobile. In case of mobile, the materials used in their architecture are flammable and may explode if come in contact with hot flame of stove. Unfortunately, the explosion will not only put you at risk but you will also lose all valuable data saved in your phone.



In back pocket of your pants

If you have a habit of keeping your phone in back pocket of your jeans, stop it! When you are sitting on your phone keeping it in your back pocket you are actually damaging your phone and its battery. The pressure on phone causes it to flex a bit thereby affecting its functioning. Further, keeping your phone in your back pocket is also injurious for your health as the cell signals could potentially damage your skin cells. Similarly, also avoid keeping your phone stuck within piles of your books or using it as book mark for your heavy books. In extreme cases, battery may burst causing severe damage.


Using it with gloves in hand

Yes this may sound strange but is true. If you do have a tendency of texting while you are wearing gloves, think again.. Phone heats up when come in contact of any negatively charged material like wool. This may result in battery corrosion leading to its leakage.



Contact with metal

When your phone battery comes in contact with certain metals like chromium, arsenic or palladium it starts showing corrosion. It has been found that in some cases it may cause a short circuit.
So next time, beware of keeping your phone at these places.



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