Just a Jab does Wonders

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Sep 07, 2012

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Just a Jab does Wonders

Popping a pill can help you get rid of that pot belly! Are you convinced? If no, read what a new study has claimed.

A tiny capsule containing heat-generating cells has been developed and researchers claim that the cells can burn excessive abdominal fat. The capsule was tested on mice and lead to 20 per cent decrease of belly fat. The heat-generating cells in the capsule led to conversion of abdominal fat cells into thermogenic cells that are responsible for heat generation in the body.[Read: Make the Moves for A Flat Stomach]

Within a few days, mice gained back some weight, but the capsule was successful in melting down about one-fifth of the visceral fat cells that accumulate on the abdomen and heightens the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiac vascular and other deleterious diseases.[Read: Weight Loss Tips for Obese People]

To develop the capsule, the scientists had combined the heat-generating cells or thermogenic cells with engineered cells sans the enzyme responsible for accumulation of visceral fat.

The study was published in the journal ‘Biomaterials’.

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