Weight Loss Tips for Obese People

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Aug 01, 2011

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Losing those extra kilos is not an easy task. Especially, when you have acquired fat over a long period it becomes harder to lose weight. Perseverance combined with a smart approach can however, get you actual results.




Most times weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than actually burnt. If you keep on eating while living a sedentary life you are destined to become obese. Choose foods which are nutritious and filling yet low in calories. Soups and fibrous foods are a healthier option. Hot soups tend to make you feel full. Fibre rich food like multi grains and oatmeal is also bound to give you a sense of fulfilment.



We tend to compromise over nutrition for taste. We consume innumerable amounts of trans fats with glazed, deep fried, artificially coloured and flavoured food. Not to mention harmful chemicals. While ensuring nutritious yet satisfying meals on a daily basis can be a chore it’s worth the pain. In the long run you will be thankful to yourself for having made the right choice.


Healthy fats


If your cravings are getting the better of you try to fool your body by substituting trans fats with healthy fats. Nuts are a wonderful way to do this. Eat in moderation though as consuming too many nuts can upset your stomach.



Simply going to the gym and performing a routine is not going to ensure weight loss. Eating and sleeping habits make a big difference and exercise is just a part of the whole process. If after gym you come back home to consume fatty foods and drinks your efforts have been in vain. Post-workout hunger pangs can be satisfied with refreshing cold drinks like unsweetened low fat milk shake or a big bowl of salad.

Psychological factors


We all have our moments of weakness and if you slip every now and then to treat yourself there is no need to feel guilty. Besides, you should be aware if you suffer from emotional hunger. If you feel you have gained weight because of overeating due to some deep seated psychological cause you must consult a professional.

Fad diets


Crash diets and extreme food choices can wreak havoc on your body. Even if they give you immediate results the long term effects can be tremendous. Besides, after a short term fad diet plan you are likely to relapse into gaining weight. Your body cannot cope with sudden changes and tends to react. Do yourself a favour by keeping a healthy regular lifestyle that does not include starving or completely eliminating a particular food group.


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