How IVF Can Be a Boon For Couples With Sexual Intimacy Issues

Sexual detachment is normal as a lot of couple face this. They can still become parents with the help of IVF, here how.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 22, 2022Updated at: Sep 22, 2022
How IVF Can Be a Boon For Couples With Sexual Intimacy Issues

There are people who face difficulty maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with their partners. They may face dissatisfaction in their sexual life which can be caused by various factors. There are some who may be unable to have sex due to some health issues. Your sexual life can be affected by several internal and external factors. While sexual dysfunction is quite common, people generally hesitate to talk about it as they associate it with shame. It can become an obstacle in your relationship and can pose complications around pregnancy. Many such people often find themselves worried about having children and this also affects their overall relationship with their partner.

The silver lining is that medical technology has several treatment options available for such couples. Processes like In-vitro fertilisation or IVF have emerged as a boon for such problems and it has been helping couples with conception for the last few decades. Couples can still become parents even if they are not engaging in regular sex. OnlyMyHealth reached out to Dr. Kalyani Shrimali, Fertility Consultant at Nova IVF Fertility, Indore, to find out how IVF can help sexually-detached couples embrace parenthood .

Types of sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions, which are sexual disorders that can affect men and women and can pose complications in people’s sex lives . It is more common in people aged above 40. There are four kinds of sexual dysfunction one might face:

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IVF For Couples With Sexual Intimacy Issues

  • Desire Disorder - In such cases, couples experience a lack of interest in engaging in intimate activities due to lack of desire or urges
  • Arousal Disorder - In such cases, partners face difficulty in being physically aroused during sexual activity
  • Orgasm Disorder - When couples face delays or absence of orgasm during sex
  • Pain Disorder - When your one or both partners feel unbearable pain during sex

Both men and women can face problems during sex. There can be several factors causing them issues like attitude towards sex, fear, anxiety, past sexual trauma/ abuse, problems in the relationship, medications, alcohol etc. The underlying cause needs to be addressed to solve the issue.

Although couples may face these issues, many still long to be parents and build a family. IVF can be the answer to their prayers.

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How can IVF help in such cases?

IVF can help such couples. It is a procedure where the mature eggs are retrieved from the women's ovaries and are fertilised by sperm in a lab. If they are successfully fertilised, they form an embryo that is implanted back to the women's uterus. This procedure can help couples, who are going through any kind of sexual dysfunctions. IVF is one of the most common and effective forms of reproductive technology which can help couples to conceive worldwide. The procedure is popular because it solves several problems. It generally involves a couple's own sperm and egg but in some cases, donor eggs too can be used. You can even get a gestational carrier or surrogate if your partner is not able to carry the child.

IVF For Sexual Intimacy Issues


Sexual dysfunction in your relationship due to any reason can be hard to deal with. But don't associate the condition with shame and there is nothing wrong about seeking help. This can happen due to physical and psychological reasons and such cases need to be addressed. It can be physical incompatibility with your partner or mental stress that is coming in the way of a healthy sexual relationship and that needs your attention and appropriate treatment. As far as a pregnancy is concerned, IVF has got your back and can help you start your family despite the intimacy problems. It is better to learn more about the procedure before you opt for it. Consulting a specialist and asking them the right questions will help you better in making the right decisions.

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