Is it Safe to do Bikram Yoga during Pregnancy?

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Jun 24, 2011

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Bikram yoga or Hot yoga is an intense form of yogic exercise which has gained steady popularity amongst the health conscious in the recent past. Bikram yoga is also being increasingly practiced by women who are keen on losing weight the natural way. However, the sessions which comprise of as many as twenty six postures and two breathing exercises which can  be quite taxing on the mind as well as the body. Naturally, women who have managed to lose a few pounds through repeated sessions over a period of time would be very keen to continue Bikram yoga during pregnancy as well.


However, the most vital concern which arises here is, is it safe to do Bikram yoga during pregnancy? The after effect of Bikram yoga for pregnant women is an issue which has been widely debated for long now. Although, the popular trend has been to refrain from intense exercises of any kind during pregnancy, concepts have been steadily changing with time. Today, suggestions are provided on the basis of individual cases. No two individuals are considered the same. So, what is good for you may prove to be immensely harmful for another person subjected to similar conditions. But, there are two specific schools of thought which clearly emerge on the basis of general trends when it comes to evaluating the safety of performing bikram yoga during pregnancy.


The Debate


The first school of thought admonishes the concept of practicing Bikram yoga during pregnancy. Doctors who subscribe to this concept feel that Hot yoga sessions cause the body temperature to rise substantially that can cause harm to both mother and child.. In addition, Bikram yoga sessions are quite tiring and may cause excessive exhaustion and dehydration when performed during pregnancy. This could also be potentially harmful to the development of the baby inside the mother’s womb.


On the contrary the other school does not feel the need to do away with Bikram yoga during pregnancy . This theory thrives on self-endurance levels which may vary from person to person. As per their views, if a woman has been practicing hot or bikram yoga for a long period of time, her body has probably become used to it. If she has conceivedduring that time, there is no reason why she should stop the practice only due to pregnancy. She can continue to pursue her sessions of Bikram yoga during pregnancy  and should only quit if there are related discomforts or symptoms that begin affecting her health in general. This school also argues that the body temperature actually rises by only one degree during a Bikram Yoga session, which is not harmful by any standards, either for the mother or for her baby.


Aapparently wherever there is an opinion there shall always be a school of thought that would contradict it. And, hence one witnesses the debate. So, here’s a small note of information for all you pregnant women who want to practice hot or bikram yoga during pregnancy – Consult your gynaecologist and find out whether you can or not attend yoga sessions. After all a word of caution will serve beneficial for you!


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