Is Osteopathy Safe during Pregnancy?

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Jan 24, 2013

The answer to this question ‘is osteopathy safe during pregnancy’? is yes its safe for all stages of pregnancy.


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During pregnancy osteopathy is used to cure lower and mid back pain, also pubic pain, leg pain, neck and shoulder pain, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, wrist pain etc. It also helps in smooth proceeding of labor. During pregnancy a women is under a lot of pain and discomfort and osteopathy comes to rescue here. Its philosophy is that the body structure is closely related to body’s function. Osteopathy helps the mothers body to adjust accordingly with the least possible pain. it is indeed a very gentle technique and assures the safety of the mother. If after birth the mother feels back pain or postural strain while breast feeding then also osteopathy proves beneficial as it ensures blood flow. So its better to consult your osteopath even after delivery as he can suggest you proper postures for feeding, sleeping and some other exercises.


Osteopaths prepare a safe environment for the unborn child as a women’s body undergoes the largest postural change during pregnancy. It ensures both the mothers and baby’s safety so that you can enjoy to the fullest your pregnancy as well as after delivery happiness. There are few tips which needs to be taken care of by the expecting mother like taking care of your back especially while lifting something, not sitting with crossed legs, using a cushion while sitting, all such tips plus few useful exercises are advised by the osteopath for active and healthy living.


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Osteopathy can help in relieving the above mentioned problems which occur during pregnancy including nausea, vomiting, fatigue etc also prepares the body for labor, and help the mother to adjust during pregnancy and recovering after birth. It guides the muscle to come out of tension state and again aligns the pelvis and spine thus ensuring the development of the mother as well as the baby. A labor becomes difficult if the baby is not in the correct position thus through osteopathy position of the baby is corrected (i.e. downward head position, facing backwards with curled spine) also by creating a smooth and easy path for the baby. Thus its required for an expecting mother to consult an osteopath during and after pregnancy as it’s a natural and a safe option.

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