Different Types of Osteopathy

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Feb 24, 2012

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Osteopathy utilizes body’s self healing machinery to treat any kind of body ailment. Many kinds of osteopathy treatments are performed which are aimed at different body parts/organs. Touch plays a major role in improving the efficiency of osteopathy treatment.


Cranial Osteopathy

This osteopathy involves the treatment of cranial and sacral region of the central nervous system. It is performed to treat any back injury, brain injury or any kind of spinal injury. Cranial Osteopathy was developed by Dr. William Sutherland. In this, cranial rhythm is enhanced by giving gentle touch. It is a very smooth, relaxing and painless procedure. This technique is suitable for people for all age groups. It is found to be very useful in the treatment of asthma, cerebral palsy, shoulder pain, headaches and colic disease.


Paediatric Osteopathy

Paediatric osteopathy is mainly designed for the treatment of kids and newborns. This technique was developed by Stuart Korth. Premature babies can be successfully treated by paediatric osteopathy. Sometimes babies are born with defective brain structure. Their skull bones get overlapped during the birth causing tremendous stress and pain to the baby. All these can be treated by paediatric osteopathy. It is also used for the treatment of ear infection, sleeplessness, epilepsy and tooth pain.


Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy was developed by M.D. Young and H.V. Hoover. This involves the treatment of body’s mobility and soft organs such as heart, lungs, reproductive and digestive organs. This treatment helps to maintain fluid circulation and also establishes proper blood and oxygen circulation. This technique is very beneficial for pregnant women, people who have undergone surgery and people suffering from severe illness.


Cranio-sacral Osteopathy

It is an advanced form of cranial osteopathy. In this treatment, very light touches are given. Cranio-sacral osteopathy is not performed to cure any disease; it simply enhances the body’s ability to cure itself. Still the beneifts of cranio-sacral osteopathy is not yet proved.  Generally it is believed to maintain mental balance, make correct postures and treat spinal defects.

Osteopathy does not involve intake of any medicines. It is an alternative therapy that boosts the ability of the body to fight various diseases. Due to lack of evidences, this technique is still not considered 100% effective in treating any ailment. The main aim of all the different types of osteopathy is to maintain a harmony between the anatomy and physiology of the body.


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