Is Emotional Eating Good?

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Aug 03, 2012

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Is Emotional Eating GoodYour tag line for life may be, ‘emotionally yours’ to every passing romance that you encounter. This tag line may be reflecting on your eating habits and there is nothing to be ashamed of, being emotional means you are only a bit too human. However, could this emotional eating which is categorised as an eating disorder give you trouble? Or will it salvage your soul?


Find out!


Are you an emotional eater?


  • Eating without realizing that you are actually doing so.
  • Guilty or ashamed after a bout of senseless eating.
  • Eating alone and at odd places like parking lots or parks.
  • Eating after an argument or some kind of an unpleasant experience that has caused an emotional turmoil in you.
  • Eating out of boredom.

A person who can relate to the above mentioned points is a so called emotional eater. The only problem from emotional eating is a risk of a massive increase in weight. Other than that if you are worried about your social standing then you can learn to confide in someone for your emotional well-being. This way you will not have to share your problem with a plate of pasta or a bucket of KFC. This is the first step that you can take to help yourself, acknowledge your entire being.

Think Otherwise 


How about this Every time you get an urge to eat its actually doing you good! You can make the best dishes and treat yourself! Don’t just pick up anything and begin eating. Try and make a nice snack and keep it healthy to remain fit! If your idea of winding off at the end of the day is just eating, then make it nice and good. Always remember that eating unlike drugs and alcohol cannot be abstained from, one always has to eat and so all you can do is try and make it a better and healthier thing instead. And if you really think that eating is taking a toll on you then just find an alternative thing to do at such times of craving. Read a book, listen to music or just express your deep-seated emotions!

Learn to Accept It 


The next time you get an urge to take a plunge into food, think of everything that surrounds the possibility of a plateful. Is the time right to eat? Are you hungry? If the answers are yes then go ahead and if the answers are not then don’t; and if you still feel guilty then learn to accept the fact that you are an emotional eater. Just try and make the food healthy so that it doesn’t harm you and increase your weight.


When the plate of food is all you really need, don’t think twice, it’s allright.



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