Is Eating Avocado Good For Weight Loss?

Avocados help keep your appetite calm and your body energetic. Although avocados have high fibre, fat and studies show that they can help you lose weight or keep weight under control.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Nov 21, 2019
Is Eating Avocado Good For Weight Loss?

Tips for quick weight loss naturally: Most of you believe that fatty foods are the reason behind obesity and weight gain! But there is a type of healthy food that contains fat, can be beneficial for weight loss and reduction of stubborn abdominal fat. We are talking about avocadoes (one of those foods), which is considered a superfood for your health while reducing your weight. Avocado is an excellent source of healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, minerals and various essential nutrients for the heart. It has a low carbs content but is rich in potassium, copper, niacin, magnesium, manganese, riboflavin, and many antioxidants.

Nutrient-rich Avocado

Avocados have high amounts of fat but contain mostly monounsaturated fat, known as oleic acid. It is associated with many health benefits such as weight loss. You can make avocado a part of your healthy diet, which is helpful in both weight gain and control. Avocados (PFAs) are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, dietary fibre, which helps keep the stomach full and improves the digestive process. Studies have found that the oleic acid present in avocados helps reduce obesity and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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How is avocado helpful in weight loss?

Both fat and fibre are found in high amounts in avocados. If you include it in your diet, it calms your hunger and makes you feel full. This is why avocado helps you lose weight by eating fewer calories. Additionally, avocados also contain high amounts of soluble fibre, known to reduce hunger by suppressing it.

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Helps to calm hunger and keeps you energetic

The monounsaturated fat in avocados has been linked to many other benefits besides improving heart health. It is believed that monounsaturated fat helps speed up fat burning and also helps the body burn more calories after eating.


Eat avocado like this: There are two ways to consume avocado for weight loss


You can eat avocado in your breakfast (in the form of a salad). For this, you cut the avocado into thin pieces and add light pepper powder and salt to it (and eat it daily).



You can also make avocado fat loss drink. For this, you can blend avocado and add black pepper, dry fruits, nuts, etc. (according to your taste).

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