Irritated From Excessive Eye Discharge? Know The Causes And Ways To Get Rid Of It From Dr. Tushar Grover

Many people get eye discharge more than normal and it can be due to many reasons. Here are the causes and ways to get rid of it. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Nov 03, 2020 13:06 IST
Irritated From Excessive Eye Discharge? Know The Causes And Ways To Get Rid Of It From Dr. Tushar Grover

Have you ever noticed eye discharge or commonly known as an eye goop in your eyes? Well, the some deposits get accumulated in the inner corner of your eyes when you sleep. You might have a habit of removing it using your hands as soon as you wake up. Basically, it is a combination of mucus, oil, skin cells and other debris that accumulates in the eyes. Sometimes, it can be wet and sticky, while some have dry eye discharge. This totally depends on how much liquid in the discharge has been evaporated. Other names of eye discharge are rheum and sleep in the eyes. It plays an important role as it protect your eye from waste elements and removes the extra dirt from the front surface of your eyes. If there is a normal amount of mucus present in your eyes, then it is fine. But, if there is excessive eye discharge (green or yellow) or other problems too, then one should surely see a doctor. Onlymyhealth editorial team talked to Dr. Tushar Grover, Medical Director, Vision Eye Centre, Delhi, about eye discharge. Read on to know about the causes and ways to get rid of rheum.

Eye discharge causes


According to Dr. Tushar Grover, "The little bit amount of eye discharge when you wake up in the morning is absolutely harmless. As at night when an individual is sleeping, the secretion doesn't get washed out from the eyes. However, if there is excessive discharge associated with redness and discomfort in the eye, then those could be signs of infection. Then the discharge needs to be looked by an opthalmologist. The common causes are bacterial conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis, and keratitis (infection of the cornea). Another trigger of discharge combined with itching in the eye is an an allergy. On the other hand, white discharge and watery eyes can be caused by excessive eye rubbing or improper use of contact lenses.

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Eye discharge treatment 

Discharge can also be pathological in conditions like infective conjunctivitis or infective keratitis. As Dr. Tushar said, "If there is just an excess in discharge and no other symptoms like redness or irritation in the eyes, then even a lubricant eyedrop can work. It helps in keeping the eyes moist and prevent the formation of discharge. The eyedrops can be used four times a day. In fact, a lubricant gel can also work in this case. It can be applied once right before bedtime. However, if the discharge is excessive, there is discomfort in the eyes,  and the discharge is yellow or green in colour, then one needs to consult an opthalmologist and look for the underlying reason for this kind of discharge, which could be allergies, infections, toxic pollutants in the air or use of contact lenses. 

Tips to prevent eye discharge 

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Excessive eye discharge can be difficult to tolerate but you should take safety measures for further reactions. there are ways through which you can prevent the whole issue of eye discharge. Here are some tips to avoid this eye problem: 

  • Avoid using cosmetic products on or around your eyes
  • Make sure to wash your hands regularly 
  • Do not rub your eyes too much
  • Try and cover your eyes while going to areas with polluted air and dust 
  • Consult an opthalmologist to use a lubricant gel in your eyes 

These were the causes, ways to treat and tips to get rid of eye discharge. Above all, it is important to see an eye doctor for medical checkups regularly. Just take appropriate prevention measures and take care of your eyes.

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