How A Treatment For Hair Loss Destroy Your Sex Drive

There is no direct connection between hair loss and sexual performance.

Sambhav Kumar
Written by: Sambhav KumarUpdated at: Nov 25, 2022 20:10 IST
How  A Treatment For Hair Loss Destroy Your Sex Drive

Although hair loss is commonly associated with older men, it is a condition that occurs commonly with ageing and can have a variety of reasons. The case is similar with libido. Sexual performance and hair, are both the things cannot be compromised upon. 

Unfortunately, a lot of men take hair loss as well as a loss of libido as a blow to their ego. The good news is that male pattern baldness or hair loss responds to treatment. In reality, if you act promptly, it is possible to stop future hair loss, and you can also regrow new hair. 

Finasteride, a drug that lowers the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is one of the best available hair loss treatments.

Know About Finasteride

Finasteride is a member of the category of medicines known as 5-reductase inhibitors. It functions by binding to the enzyme 5-reductase and preventing it from converting your testosterone into DHT. Dihydrotestosterone, sometimes known as DHT, is an androgen that is created as a byproduct of testosterone.

DHT is a rather potent male sex hormone that has a role in the development of male genitalia during pregnancy, among other things. The key thing to understand finasteride is as a hormonal shield that prevents DHT creation while maintaining the original level of testosterone in your body.

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What Links Finesteride To Sex Drive?

There is no direct connection between hair loss and sexual performance. There are several factors that may cause hair loss, but that may actually enhance the effectiveness of your erections and sexual performance.

A significant contributing component that affects both sexual health and hair loss is male sex hormones, or androgens. DHT is predominant male sex hormone produced as a bi-product of testosterone, the main hormone that contributes to male pattern baldness.

Healthy testosterone levels are crucial for normal sexual desire and function, even if high amounts of testosterone (and thus DHT) are typically bad for your hairline.

Impact Of Finasteride On Sexual Health

  • A decline in libido
  • The inability to achieve or sustain erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Aches or pain in the testicles
  • Ejaculatory conditions or issues, such as a reduction in ejaculatory volume

Should You Get Treatment For Hair Loss?

In the end, it's up to you whether you choose to go for the treatment. It is evident that the earlier you begin treating your baldness, the better your chances are of successfully stopping additional hair loss. To slow down and prevent hair loss, there are more hair loss treatment solutions available.

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Over-the-Counter Products: There are a lot of dietary supplements and non-prescription products on the market that can help prevent and treat hair loss. Although these supplements aren't as effective as finasteride, they might still be a useful component of your regimen for preventing baldness.

Shampoo: Many hair thickening shampoos are available in the market. Look for shampoos with tried-and-true components for healthy hair, such as biotin, and ketoconazole.

Hair transplant surgery: Hair transplant surgery is a medical procedure that involves grafting of hairs from your sides and back—areas unaffected by male pattern baldness—onto your crown, hairline, or other balding areas.

Acceptance: Simply accepting the fact that you will lose hair as you age is the best way to get rid of the anxiety related to balding. You can choose to shave your head, and flaunt your bald head, feel confident and look stylish.


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