5-Steps Beginners Guide To Completely Transform Your Body In 3 Months

Body transformation is a long-term goal that necessitates proper nutrition and training for the next 90 days.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Apr 10, 2023 18:57 IST
5-Steps Beginners Guide To Completely Transform Your Body In 3 Months

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To achieve an Instagram-worthy physique, you need to pay your dues both by working out and eating clean. Many supplement brands and social media trends claim that you can easily transform your body overnight. Overnight transformation is one of the most prevalent myths in the fitness industry. Body transformation is a long-term process that requires a person to diet for at least 90 days to see visible results. This is why, when celebrities post photos of their transformations, they always include the phrase "90 days of hard work" in the caption. So, before you skip your next meal in the hopes of transforming, let's first understand what your three-month goal should be and how you can transform yourself. 

What Should Be Your Goal For Three Months?

When it comes to body transformation, most people only consider the physical aspect, i.e., losing weight. The primary goal of transformation should be to heal your body from the inside because if you are healthy internally, it will be automatically reflected externally. Internal health entails no nutritional deficiencies and proper organ function. Losing weight should not be the goal, either, because when you lose a lot of weight, your body loses muscle, resulting in loose skin. Instead, you should concentrate on body recomposition, which means improving your body's composition through a healthy diet and strength training.

5-Step Beginners Guide To Transformation

1) Create A Calorie Deficit

A calorie deficit is one of the important tools of transformation. You are considered to be in a deficit when you consume fewer calories than your maintenance calories. Assume your body weight is 60 kg, and your maintenance is around 1,800. So anything less than that is considered a deficit. Where people go wrong is that they begin eating 1,000 calories right away, which shocks the body. The best approach is to gradually reduce your calorie intake, like reducing 200 calories per week. 

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2) Alter Your Macros

Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are all essential macronutrients. When it comes to body transformation, you should modify your macros in such a way that 50% of your calories come from protein, 30% from carbs, and 20% from fats.

3) Exercise Smart

Weight training combined with cardio is one of the most effective ways to speed up the transformation. So you should work out in a way that incorporates both weight training and cardio. The best way is to alternate between the two, such as having a weight training session on one day and cardio on another day. The only thing to remember is to not work out more than five days per week and to take at least two days off each week.

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4) Focus On Sleep

Have you ever wondered where all the body fat goes when people lose weight? The fat is expelled through urine, and the majority of it is burned while sleeping. Several hormonal productions occur while sleeping. Make it a point to get six to eight hours of sleep per night.

5) Stay Hydrated

We always talk about macronutrients but ignore hydration. Hydration is critical for macronutrient absorption. Staying hydrated also aids in the removal of toxins from the body and boosts metabolism. So the next time you feel like eating something, drink a glass of water and you'll be surprised to see that it was dehydration, not hunger, that was causing the urge to eat.

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